Trees that Start With B: Tree from Around the World!

So, you are looking for trees that start with a particular letter? Don’t worry: we got your back. Here, you’ll find a concise but complete list of trees that start with B. To learn more about them, keep reading!

Trees that Start With B


The Baobab tree is probably one of the most iconic African trees, but you can find this plant in low-lying areas in Australia too. You can identify them from their unusual barrel-like trunks and their stunning sizes. Indeed, baobabs are mostly known for their impressive longevity: they can live for centuries! It is common for people to take pictures of trying to hug a baobab’s trunk and not reaching to do so even in groups of five or six.

Their trunk works as water storage and provides them with superior resistance that makes them suitable for harsher soils and climates: you can find them throughout the drier regions of Africa. Most people know baobab bare of flowers and leaves, but they feature white blooms at night and produce rich fruits.

The good news is that if you have a large backyard, you may want to consider growing one of these trees! They are low-maintenance and well-suited for beginners because of their limited requirements. They can flourish on poor soil and will survive in drought conditions.


Trees that Start With B

Birch trees are beautiful plants that can make a stunning impact on winter gardens. Thanks to their thin and papery bark ranging from snow white to cinnamon brown, birches can become the focus of your garden when all other plants go dormant. These trees belong to the Betula genus and are typical of temperate regions of the North Hemisphere. Compared to other hardwoods, these trees are susceptible to damage, pests, and diseases, and they tend not to live long. Still, they are common choices to liven up a landscape.

Before planting one in your garden, make sure you can offer them moist soil and keep an eye out for anything that doesn’t seem right.


Trees that Start With B

Beech trees are one of the most popular choices of shade trees among homeowners. They feature narrow and dense foliage, and their wood is excellent for firewood. But, one of the best things about this type of tree is that it can thrive in various conditions. All beech trees need is well-drained soil and some sun. Most trees feature green leaves, but you can find varieties with yellow or even purple leaves. Furthermore, these trees are known for their longevity: they can thrive for about 300 years.

Mature trees can grow to heights above 130 feet, so make sure you give it enough space if you want to plant one at home.


Banyan trees can help you make a statement with your garden, but for them to thrive, you’ll have to ensure you can offer them adequate space and climate conditions. If you don’t know banyans, you may picture them for their most stunning feature. Indeed, this tree is known for the beautiful aerial roots it produces. Banyan trees are also known as “strangler figs” for their tendency to subsume other trees around them with their hanging parts.

Of course, you can grow banyans in your garden, but they will only thrive in warmer areas and need plenty of space.

Box Tree

Also known as Boxwood, the Box tree is a popular hedge plant. While this evergreen can reach up to 50 feet in height, it is also commonly grown as a bonsai for its easily pruned foliage and short stature. Its long and leathery leaves are of brilliant green color. Most homeowners appreciate these trees because of the easiness of creating attractive shapes with their foliage. Plus, box trees are known for their strength and durability. But, to maintain a regular shape, you’ll have to prune this tree frequently.

Bird Cherry

Our list of trees that start with B wouldn’t be complete without bird cherry. Bird Cherry features wonderful white blooms with a fragrant scent that might make it the highlight of your yard. The trees are part of the rose family and usually don’t grow more than 50 feet. While native to Europe, you can find bird cherry trees in Central Asia and the Northern Hemisphere, where you’ll most commonly find them in wet woodlands, stream and river banks, and hedgerows. To identify this tree, look at its leaves which should be oval with tufts of white-haired and fine, shaper serrations.

Trees that Start With B: Conclusion

As you can see there are many trees that begin with the letter B. Many of these can be added to your yard or landscaping project to add color and texture.

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