The Best Time of Year to Plant Grass in Georgia

Creating the perfect lawn takes time, dedication, and a little planning. Before planting grass seeds in Georgia, you should consider what type of grasses grow best and which season to plant the seeds. As Georgia’s climate varies, homeowners can plant either warm or cool-season grasses.

Whether you plan to plant grass seeds, overseed your lawn, or lay sod, read on. This article will tell you the best time of year to plant grass in Georgia. We’ll also provide details about the types of grasses that grow best in the southern states.

When to plant grass in Georgia?

Best time of Year to Plant Grass in Georgia

Georgia is a state that has micro-climates which can make it challenging to grow the perfect green lawn. Georgia has various different climates and weather conditions, so it’s essential to consider your local weather and soil conditions before planting grass seeds. Both warm and cool-season grasses are found in Georgia. Let’s look at the best planting season for both these types of grasses.

Warm-season grasses

The optimal time to plant warm-season grasses in Georgia is in the Spring or summer months. Planting or laying a new sod lawn in April, May, or June will give your grass seeds time to germinate and develop a strong root system before the cold winter.

The best time to plant grass seeds in Georgia will vary slightly each year and will depend on the soil temperature. Warm-season grasses need to be kept warm as they need a hot, humid environment to encourage germination.

It’s best to plant warm-season grasses when the soil temperature reaches 60F or higher. You can use a soil thermometer to determine whether the soil is warm enough. It’s not a good idea to plant when the ground is at lower temperatures as it’s likely that you’ll have reduced success, and fewer seeds will germinate.

If your lawn looks patchy and requires overseeding, this can be done in the late spring or early summer. It’s a good idea to aerate the soil before overseeding it to allow the soil to breathe. This means that the new grassroots will be able to penetrate the soil deeply and access more nutrients.

Cool-season grasses

Cool-season grasses thrive in areas with colder winters as they are frost resistant and can cope with warm summer weather. Cold season grasses are often grown in Georgia’s coastal and mountain areas. The growing season for cool-season grasses runs from October to April.

It’s best to plant cool-season grasses at the beginning of fall. This will give them a chance to grow throughout the growing season. By the time summer arrives, your lawn will have adequate roots and be well established, which means it will be better able to cope with the hot weather.

Which grasses grow best in Georgia?

best time to plant grass in Georgia
Bermuda is an excellent choice for almost anywhere in Georgia

As Georgia is a southern state, it may seem like it’s best to plant warm-season grasses such as Bermuda grass (here’s the best time of year to plant Bermuda grass). However, it’s also worth noting that lawns in the northern part of Georgia require different grasses than those on the Florida border. Much like the best time to plant grass in Georgia is going to be different than the best time to plant grass in Texas.

Both warm-season and cool-season grasses can thrive in Georgia, so you should consider your local environment, temperature range, climate, and rainfall before choosing which grass to grow.

Bermuda grass is the most common warm-season grass in Georgia as it’s hardy and drought-resistant. Yukon Bermuda grass is an excellent option for cooler areas in Georgia as it’s the most cold-tolerant variety. Other warm-season grasses such as seaspray, carpet grass, and Zoysia grass can also be grown in Georgia.

The best cool-season grass to plant in Georgia is either Fescue grass or a fescue blend grass mix. These are both cool-season grasses that are relatively hardy and can cope with the heat. Kentucky Bluegrass is another great cool-season grass that does well in cooler areas of Georgia.


Grasses that Do Well in GA

Your lawn is the perfect place to have your morning coffee or to create memories by playing with your kids. Ensure your lawn looks great by planting the right type of grass at the correct time of year.

In Georgia, warm-season grasses such as Bermuda grass can be planted in the spring or early summer. This will give your lawn time to grow and develop a strong root system before the cold days of winter set in. In colder mountainous or coastal areas, cool-season grasses can be planted in the Fall. Regular aeration, overseeding and fertilizing will help you maintain your yard.