Summer Sunset Ground Cover: Is it a Good Ground Cover?

Summer sunset or minima jasmine is a type of plant that is commonly used to cover an expanse of open ground. It is full and attractive, making it the perfect selection for homes and gardens that need a hardy ground plant. They are a woody variety of Asiatic jasmine and are incredibly adaptable.

What Is Ground Cover?

Summer Sunset Ground Cover

When investing in this plant, it is wise to know why you might need ground cover. This is a general term used to describe any plant that grows low to the ground. Depending on what type you use, they can serve several different purposes.

Traditional grass is groundcover and is usually used for lawns. It is excellent for walking on and has great curb appeal. Woody ground covers like jasmine may not be a great option for areas you need to walk through, but they are still great for landscaping. They also help prevent soil erosion and weeds from invading.

Is Summer Sunset a Good Ground Cover?

Summer Sunset Ground Cover

Summer sunset is an excellent ground cover. It is incredibly versatile and has a lush appearance when it becomes dense and thick. There’s also the added benefit that it is easy to grow, so you shouldn’t have any trouble even if you are a beginner.

If you do manage to grow it, you’ll need to take care not to let it get out of hand. This plant spreads as much as 12 feet wide and can easily overrun other foliage.

Although it tends to grow slowly, its brilliant year-round colors make it well worth the wait. In the fall, you can enjoy an especially dazzling array of red, yellow, and orange foliage.

Alternative Ground Cover

If you’ve looked into this plant and decided it wasn’t the right option for you, you’re in luck because there are plenty of excellent selections when choosing the ground cover for your yard or garden. Here are a few different ground cover plants to consider:

  • Creeping thyme
  • Creeping juniper
  • Bugleweed
  • Hosta

Summer Sunset Care

If you’ve decided to take the plunge and try summer sunset for yourself, you will be happy to discover that it is very easy to care for. Once it is established, you don’t need to do much to ensure that it will thrive.

Light Requirements

This plant can adjust to several different light levels but do best with morning sun and dappled afternoon shade. These light preferences make them companionable with trees and do well as edging with other plants. 

Water and Soil

One of the reasons that so many gardeners and homeowners love this plant is that it is quite drought-tolerant. It doesn’t need much water and does well in several soil conditions. If rainfall occurs regularly, then it may not need any supplementation.

A well-draining soil with a pH level of 5.5-7 will keep this plant happy. It might also benefit from some fertilizer in the spring and late summer. Slow-release fertilizer is a good option for this ground cover. 


The plant hardiness zones that different foliage can survive in play a huge role in how successful the plant will be in your yard. Not all plants will tolerate very cold or warm places.

Summer sunset is partial to mildly warm climates. It will only survive in zones seven through nine and prefers a humid environment. It does particularly well in areas like Florida, where all of these ideal conditions are present.