String Of Bananas Vs. Fish Hooks: A comparison

There are several varieties of succulents that grow into a cascading string. The two types of string succulents we’ll be discussing are the String of Bananas vs. Fish Hooks. These plants are easily mixed up, and some may even have a hard time distinguishing between the two. They have several similarities but only a few differences. The differences between the string of bananas and fish hooks are primarily in their appearance.

String Of Bananas Vs. Fish Hooks: Differences

String Of Bananas Vs. Fish Hooks
String Of Bananas

In terms of String of Bananas vs. Fish Hooks, there are several differences. They’re both string succulents with similarly shaped foliage, so it’s no wonder they can be easily confused. There are only two main differences, both in their appearances. 


Both String of Bananas and Fish Hooks plants are green string succulents, but their shade of green is a little different. The String of Bananas is green, while Fish Hooks are a blue/green shade. 

Although they’re both green, many like to gravitate towards Fish Hooks for their unique shade and ability to add a hint of color to their environment. Not only is their color a little different, but so are their leaf shapes.

Leaf Shapes

The shapes of Strings of Bananas and Fish Hooks are similar, but when compared side by side, you can see the differences. 

The string of bananas is more plump, similar to that of a banana, where they get their name. 

Fish Hooks are thinner and have more of a curve, making them resemble a fish hook when hanging down. Fish hooks will also get longer and thicker foliage than their cousin. Although their looks may be slightly different, the care is generally the same.


String Of Bananas Vs. Fish Hooks
String Of Fish Hooks

The String of Bananas and Fish Hooks have more similarities than they do differences. They both hold excess water in their leaves and have foliage draping out of their pot. When planted outside, they will creep along the ground. With all of this in common, their care is also generally the same.


When discussing watering both the String of Bananas and Fish Hooks, their needs are the same. These plants are considered tolerable to drought, so they are usually great for beginners. They generally like little water and can survive when water isn’t accessible or their caretaker forgets them for a few days. As with all string succulents, the water needed is slightly seasonal.

String succulents can usually survive with low amounts of water, but in the summer months, they don’t like to go long without water. In the cooler winter months, it’s good to water them slightly less. Depending on the temperature and humidity of your plant’s location, watering the plant can occur as little as once every two or three weeks in the winter. Regardless of the time of year, if there are signs that your plant is in distress, it’s essential to give it some water.

They like to dry out a little before receiving more water. Slight wilting is usually okay for a more mature plant, but it may need a drink if you see the foliage starting to flatten and fall off. On the other hand, they don’t like to be overwatered. If watered too often, they are prone to mold and rot, so it’s vital to have a pot that allows excess moisture to drain. 


Although originating in South Africa, both of these species of succulents cannot handle extreme temperatures. They cannot withstand freezing temperatures, which will make their leaves droop, but they also cannot survive in extreme heat and can burn quickly. It’s best to keep them at room temperature, which is an average of 70-80 degrees. 


When considering the amount of sun your String of Bananas or Fish Hook requires, you’ll need also to consider the temperature. Although they cannot handle extreme temperatures, the amount of sun they need will depend on the temperature. The hotter it is, the less sun they’ll require.

These succulents can burn quickly, so they should have indirect sunlight, regardless of temperature. You can tell they need more sunlight if they’re not growing very well. If you start seeing larger sections of just stem and no leaves, you’ll need to give your plant more sunlight.

Final Thoughts

To someone newer to the succulent world, String of Bananas and Fish Hooks can be easy to confuse. You can see the minor differences when comparing them side by side and looking at the details. The String of Bananas is green with plump leaves, whereas Fish Hooks have a blue hue and have thinner and more curved leaves. 

String of Bananas vs. Fish Hooks; although they have differences, they both make great additions to any home.