Spring Flowers in Georgia: 7 Popular Varieties

Everyone loves the smell of fresh flowers in the spring. However, flowers need the perfect climate to grow and bloom. Which flowers are best for gardens in humid environments like Georgia?

Spring Flowers in Georgia

Read on to learn more about seven incredible flowers to grow in Georgia that bloom in the spring.


Spring Flowers in Georgia

Azaleas are a popular spring flower across Georgia lawns. Azaleas appear similar to flowers in the Rhododendron family but have smaller leaves. This plant flowers on shrubs in gorgeous and colorful clusters. Some even grow over ten inches tall.

Typically, Azaleas bloom in April and May. However, bloom time varies. Some Azaleas begin in March while others start much later, blooming until early fall.

Georgia native Azaleas come in the following colors:

  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • White
  • Violet


Hyacinths are another popular spring flower many Georgia residents adore. Most Hyacinth breeds bloom in April, but specific times may vary. One of the best parts about growing Hyacinths is that you reap their benefits much longer than other spring flowers. Hyacinths bloom for over two weeks more than other varieties.

You find this spring flower grows in various colors. Typically blue or purple, Hyacinths also come in pink, white, and yellow. They grow upward in floral clusters with slender green leaves. Plant Hyacinths in the fall, and enjoy their beauty next spring.


Begonias flourish during the springtime in Georgia. They bloom later than other bulbs, beginning in May to June, and lasting until winter. Begonias come in many beautiful colors such as:

  • Pink
  • White
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Orange

Breeds such as wax Begonias bloom in multi-colors. Commonly, they feature a yellow center and white petals tinged with pink.

Most Begonia species are annuals, meaning they only flower for one season. However, you can save the tuber (part of the Begonia stem that can re-sprout) and replant it for more flowers next year. 


A classic spring flower, tulips survive well in Georgia. Most tulip breeds bloom late, during April and May. Tulips are one of the most versatile plants for lawns and landscaping because they grow in over a hundred colors, varying from pale whites to vibrant purples. Some even come in two colors with feathered edges.

Unlike other spring flowers such as Begonias, tulips need a lot of sunshine to grow. A healthy plant requires over six hours of direct sunlight a day.


What Are Mounding Annuals?

Planting petunias in your Georgia backyard is an excellent way to brighten your outdoor garden area. Like tulips, petunias come in many colors. Some of the most popular petunia varieties include pink, purple, white, and red.

Petunias need full sun for the best growing conditions. Before planting, make sure to check the weather forecast, making sure your area has no more upcoming freezing temperatures. Petunias last well into summer, thriving off of the Georgia heat.

Spanish Bluebells

Spanish bluebells (also known as the wood hyacinth) bloom in the late spring in Georgia. Its name comes from its clusters of bell-shaped flowers, which come in colors like blue and white. 

Spanish bluebells are amazing flowers because they are great for pollinators. In the spring, insects like bees and butterflies rely on nectar from Spanish bluebells for sustenance. Plant these flowers near other plants and enjoy the benefits of pollinators.

Corn Flowers

Corn flowers bloom in Georgia anytime between March to May. Corn flowers require full sun and come in stunning saturated blues, purples, and violets.

Aside from outdoor landscaping, many gardeners appreciate corn flowers for their medicinal benefits. Some people dehydrate corn flowers and make them into tea as a homeopathic remedy for fevers, constipation, or congestion.