If you’re planning to buy a lawnmower, you may be wondering whether to go for a self propelled vs. push mower. The most important thing about any power tool or machine is that it works well and meets your need. This article will compare lawn mowers to help you choose between the self propelled vs. push mower. 

Self propelled vs. push mower

There are other factors to consider in choosing between two similar models, such as price and features. Let’s look at the benefits and disadvantages of these two popular types of lawnmowers.

Self propelled mower

Self Propelled Versus Push Mower

The self propelled mower is more expensive than the push mower and, in some cases, can cost up to twice as much. The extra dollar you pay gets you lots of perks, though. A self propelled lawn mower will get your lawn done much faster than a regular mower as the motor does much of the work for the user.

You can adjust the speed of your self propelled lawnmower to how fast you want it to go. While you still need to push a self-propelled model, it will effortlessly move across the ground. You’ll be able to cover more ground in less time with a self propelled lawnmower. 

Self propelled mowers are generally easy to use and more comfortable. Many modern models also make less noise, have better steering, and do not vibrate as much. Furthermore, the self propelled lawnmower is easier to handle than a push mower, especially if you choose a cordless model. It also gives you greater control over the direction of the mower. It allows you to guide it in ways that are impossible with a push mower, which makes it easier to mow around obstacles on your lawn.

You will also enjoy using a self propelled lawnmower because it does not require any more power on your part than a regular mower does. You can keep it running continuously. However, your lawnmower will slow down if you stop pushing, just like a standard push mower would.

Advantages of a self propelled lawnmower

  • Very easy to use; the motor does much of the work
  • Easy to maneuver around obstacles; gives you greater control
  • It makes less noise and vibration
  • Get the grass cut faster
  • Able to change speed easily
  • Available as a cordless model
  • It has a large, powerful engine

Disadvantages of a self propelled lawnmower

  • It can be very expensive; self propelled lawnmowers cost about twice as much as push mowers. 
  • Weights a lot can be hard to carry and store. 

Push mower

Self Propelled Vs. Push Mower

The push mower is cheaper than the self propelled mower, and it will get the job done well if you use it properly. Using a push mower will take a lot more effort on your part. Push mowers make a lot of noise which can be annoying if you like to work outside quietly or would like to avoid getting tired too quickly.

You also have to exert more effort when using a push mower because you need to keep pushing the lawnmower every time it slows down slightly. This means that a push mower is harder to use than a self propelled one. It will take longer to get your lawn trimmed, and it is not as convenient. 

Advantages of push mower

  • Much cheaper, a more affordable option for most people.
  • It works well but takes more effort 
  • It weighs less than a self propelled lawnmower. 

Disadvantages of a push mower

  • It takes more effort and elbow grease to cut your grass.
  • It takes longer to cut the grass as it only moves at the speed you are able to push. 


Many homeowners use a self propelled over a push mower because it is easier to use and provides a much more comfortable operation. It will do the same job as a push mower but in less time with greater ease on your part even though it costs more. It makes sense to choose this type of lawnmower if your budget allows it because it delivers better performance than a push mower.

If you’re on a budget, you can save some money by choosing a push mower. These lawnmowers weigh less and work well, even though it will take slightly more effort to cut your grass. They are also much cheaper, making them more affordable for most homeowners. 

Also, electric mowers have been catching up to traditional gas mowers in a big way. You might want to check out our guide to electric vs. gas mowers before committing to a gas-powered model, particularly if your yard is under half an acre.