Scotts Grubex vs. Bayer Grub Control

If you’ve got grubs crawling around in your soil, this can affect your plants and is particularly detrimental if you plan to grow vegetables. Before choosing a product to control grub infestation, you’ll need to determine what type of grubs are in your yard, as not all grub control products are effective this spring. There are two very popular grub control products: Scotts Grubex vs. Bayer Grub Control.

Before applying any type of insecticide to your lawn, it’s essential to check that the problem is grubs. There are other bugs, such as European chafers and Japanese beetles, that produce larvae that hide in the soil. Ensure you have the correct product to treat grubs or bugs in your soil; otherwise, you’ll be wasting your time and money. Let’s look at two of the best products for controlling grubs: Scotts Grubex vs. Bayer Grub Control.

Scotts Grubex vs Bayer Grub Control

Both Bayer Grub Control and Scotts Grubex are suitable for those with turf-destroying white grubs in their yard. It’s also worth noting that both these products will kill many other insects and grubs, including beneficial insects. The two products contain different types of insecticides.

Scotts Grub can be used as a contact insecticide which also helps to prevent grubs by killing eggs and creating an inhospitable environment so that insects will go elsewhere. Bayer Grub Control kills grubs and insects on contact within twenty-four hours.

Both types of insecticide are sold in bags of various sizes and as a granular formula that can be easily spread across your turf by hand or by using a push spreader. They both also kill a long list of insects and are suitable for all types of grass. Here’s when to put grub control down.

What is Scotts Grubex?

Scotts GrubEx1 Season Long Grub Killer, Protects Lawns Up to...
  • Scotts GrubEx1 Season Long Grub Killer can help prevent turf damage by killing grubs when they are young
  • One application of this lawn care treatment kills and prevents grubs for up to 4 months
  • This grub killer also controls caterpillars (armyworm), chinchbugs, May/June beetles, and more (as listed), and can help control Japanese beetle infestations when applied annually
  • Apply this granular insecticide to a dry lawn in the spring or early summer to kill grubs as they develop before they cause damage to your lawn
  • One 14.35 lb. bag of Scotts GrubEx1 Season Long Grub Killer covers 5,000 sq. ft.

Scotts Grubex is an insecticide formula that is designed to kill and prevent many different types of grubs from damaging your lawn. It can be used in all seasons and is 25% more effective than the old GrubEx formula.

Just a single application of Scott’s grubber will kill and prevent white grubs from infesting your lawn. It can be used to treat the larvae of many different species, including Japanese beetles, Green June beetles, and European chafers, and is effective for up to four months.

The benefits of Scotts Grubex

Scotts Grubex effectively kills grubs fast, thanks to chlorantraniliprole, which is the formula’s active ingredient. These granules are very easy to apply and can be used to cover up to 5,000 sq. ft.

This product can be used in all seasons but is best applied in the spring or early summer months when grubs are likely to be present in your soil.


What is Bayer Grub Control?

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Bayer Grub Control is a fast-acting formula that can be used to kill grubs and larvae of many insects, including billbugs, chinch bugs, crickets, earwigs, grasshoppers, cutworms, leafhoppers, and mole crickets.

This highly efficient insecticide comes in granulated formula and offers substantial coverage of up to 5,000 sq. ft. The formula is very fast-acting and will kill all grubs within twenty-four hours. The product can be used on the first sign of grubs in the soil, don’t wait until there is an infestation and your earth is destroyed.

The Benefits of Bayer Grub Control

The main active ingredient in Bayer Grub Control is Trichlorfon at a consistency of 9.30%. This chemical is commonly found in insecticides and is very effective. It kills an impressive array of grubs, insects, and even ants compared to other insecticides.

One box of Bayer Grub Control can be used to treat a lawn of up to 5,000 sq. ft. The formula can be applied using a spreader. Another significant benefit of this product is that it’s manufactured using a pet-safe formula.


Scotts Grubex vs Bayer Grub Control are both fantastic products that are very effective and kill a wide range of common grubs that may be living in your soil. If you’re dealing with a grub infestation, it’s essential to act fast before the grubs devastate your yard.

Scotts Grubex and Bayer Grub Control should both be used as directed on the packaging. As they are granules, they need to be watered after applying to the soil; this will help the formula soak into the ground to kill any grubs or larvae.

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