Philodendron Scandens: Growth and Care Guide

Philodendron Scandens is a large, fast-growing plant that can reach 3 feet tall. It has small heart-shaped leaves and looks great, growing in a hanging basket or pot supported by a moss pole.

Philodendron Scandens is part of the Arum family (Araceae). This means that it has flowers or spadixes that are parallel with its stem. The plant’s flowers appear in summer and last until fall, which is very pretty when put together in a vase. It looks very similar to Philodendron Micans.  Let’s look at how to care for a Philodendron Scandens.

What is a Philodendron Scandens?

Philodendron Scandens

Philodendron Scandens is an herbaceous perennial climbing vine that grows outdoors in tropical regions. It’s native to many areas of South America, including the Brazilian rainforests. This tropical plant has heart-shaped leaves up to 1 foot long (30 cm) with indented veins on top of dark green stems. When grown indoors, it grows slightly slower but can reach the same size as the outdoor version over time.

The stems will grow toward the light, so you need to tie it up with twine or use a pole as support if you want it to stand upright. If humidity doesn’t get high enough for this plant, it will not produce flowers; keep the soil slightly moist at all times like you would for any other tropical plant. These plants are commonly kept indoors but can also be planted outside in USDA zones 9 to 11.

Philodendrons are considered poisonous, but humans rarely experience side effects after ingesting them; some people may experience stomach irritation or nausea. Keep your plant away from children and pets in case they want to taste it.

How to Care for a Philodendron Scandens

Philodendron Scandens Care

Philodendron Scandesn is relatively easy to care for, as long as their basic needs are met. Here are some tips to help you grow a thriving Philodendron Scandens.

Sunlight needs

Philodendrons are not meant to grow in the dark, so place them in locations with partial sunlight. If your Philodendron doesn’t get enough light, the lower leaves will turn yellow and fall off. These plants prefer indirect sunlight through acurtain or window that is facing north or east.

If you put your potted Philodendron outside, make sure it is shaded from direct sunlight. Never put it directly in the strong afternoon sun in mid-summer because this can burn its leaves.


Philodendron Scandens prefer moderate temperatures that are not too hot. Its ideal temperature is between 60 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature drops below 55°F (13°C) at night, your plant may suffer and can die if there’s frost on the ground.


It’s best to use neutral soil or one that’s slightly acidic. A soil with a pH range of between 5.0 and 7.0 is perfect for the Philodendron Scanden. These plants also prefer soil that’s loose and well-draining. Add some perlite and peat moss to a standard houseplant mix.

Watering Requirements

Ensure that your Scanden gets enough water. They like moist but not soggy soil, be careful not to overwater, or root rot may occur. The best way to water your Philodendron is by pouring warm water in its container until it runs through all holes on the bottom. Avoid pouring water on its leaves because this will cause damage.


It’s necessary to keep your Philodendron in a humid environment. You can achieve this by spraying the leaves with a fine mist. Be careful not to soak the leaves, or they may suffer from fungal infections. Another way to improve your plant’s humidity is to use a water and pebble tray underneath the pot. AS the water evaporates, this will provide humidity for your plant. Aim for about 50% humidity.


Philodendron Scandens can be affected by mealybugs which eat away at roots and stems; this might weaken your plant or make it stop growing altogether. If root mealybugs attack your Philodendron, you can treat them with neem oil. Other sap-sucking insects can affect these plants, such as aphids and spider mites. Insect infestations can be treated using an insecticidal spray.


House plants are great because they purify the air in your home. The Philodendron Scanden is a good choice for homes and offices as it can remove toxins from the air and looks stunning. These plants are also relatively easy to care for and thrive in indirect sun and regular watering.