Philodendron Chinchamayense: Growth and Care

Philodendron Chinchamayense is one of the smallest varieties of Philodendron species. They originate from South America and are commonly found in countries such as Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador. These plants have lovely small leaves which are lance-like and relatively delicate.

The Philodendron Chinchamayense has light green leaves and is easy to grow and care for in the right conditions. They do require slightly higher humidity than other plants and, for this reason, are less popular than other houseplants. Many people grow Philodendron Chinchamayense in a greenhouse or terrarium. Let’s look at how to grow and care for a Philodendron Chinchamayense.

What is a Philodendron Chinchamayense?

Philodendron Chinchamayense

The Philodendron Chinchamayense is a tropical plant with small pointed leaves that can grow up to 4 inches long as a houseplant. In the wild, in humid tropical locations, the plants grow a lot bigger, and a single leaf can grow to 10 inches in length. These plants are relatively slow-growing and can be either epiphytic or terrestrial. This means that they can live as air plants on another plant or structure or can be planted in soil.

Plant enthusiasts like the Philodendron Chinchamayense due to the color and shape of the leaves. The foliage is very narrow and has a lovely bright green color. These plants have a tropical look and can be grown in yards in humid environments. They look great growing against a fence or piece of wood.

When kept indoors, the Philodendron Chinchamayense is best added to a terrarium where it can thrive in the correct humidity. These plants have a vine-like growth habit but won’t take over your terrarium or tank as many other aroid vines would.

How to Care for a Philodendron Chinchamayense


The Philodendron Chinchamayense can be grown with a cutting of three leaves or more. It does take a while to root, so you’ll need to be patient. Once the roots form, you can put your plant in long fiber sphagnum and place it in an environment with high humidity.


These plants absorb much of their water through the leaves, so they require enough humidity to thrive. For this reason, they are best grown in a terrarium or greenhouse. You can mist the plant’s leaves or invest in a humidifier to improve your plant’s health.

The Philodendron Chinchamayense should be watered regularly, and the soil kept moist. Be careful that over-watering doesn’t occur, or your plant will suffer from root rot.


These plants grow well in moderate, indirect sunlight. They also require adequate airflow, so they should be planted in an aerated soil mix. Sphagnum moss is an excellent medium for growing the Philodendron Chinchamayense.


The Philodendron Chinchamayense is a tropical plant that requires moderate to high humidity levels. These plants are relatively easy to care for in the correct environment. They are commonly grown in terrariums, tanks, or greenhouses and can also be grown outdoors in areas with hot, humid climates.

There are many types of Philodendron, including the lemon-lime and lime fiddle, all of which do great in a variety of conditions and can be fantastic houseplants.