Peonies Zone 8: What Types Can Do Well in This Zone?

There are plenty of reasons to love peonies: their delicate blooms, enviable fragrance, and association with springtime. Commonly found in areas where winters are longer and harsher, these flowers have been known to survive in some of the most extreme conditions. So, if you’re living in zone 8 and wondering if peonies can make it in your neck of the woods, we’ve got good news for you: there are several types that will do just fine.

Peonies Zone 8

Peonies  Zone 8

Tree peonies typically bloom between the last week of February and the first few weeks of March. For herbaceous peonies, blooming usually occurs a little later in the spring, around the first week of April. But no matter which type you have, both will need a little extra TLC to make it through the winter.

When winter rolls around, you’ll need to take some extra steps to protect your peonies. For tree peonies, this means wrapping the base of the plant with burlap or another type of garden fabric. You’ll also want to apply a layer of mulch around the plant, being careful not to pile it too high against the trunk. Herbaceous peonies should be cut back to about six inches above ground level and covered with a layer of mulch.

Snow Lotus Peony

Snow Lotus is one of the most popular peony varieties out there, and it’s not hard to see why. With its large, double white blooms and sweet fragrance, this variety is a real showstopper. Snow Lotus Peony is also one of the more winter-hardy types, making it a good option for zone 8 gardeners. Caring for a Snow Lotus is relatively easy, but it’s essential to give it some extra protection during the colder months.

These peonies do well in the morning sun and a little bit of afternoon shade. Just like other types of peonies, planting them near shrubs will give them the protection they need from the scorching afternoon sun.

Chinese Tree Peonies

Chinese Tree Peonies are known for their large, showy blooms. They come in a variety of colors, including pink, red, and white. These peonies can grow quite tall—up to six feet—so make sure you have enough room in your garden before planting them.

Be sure to give them plenty of water, especially during the hot summer months, and they are drought tolerant. They also like to be planted in a location that gets plenty of sunlight.

Coral Sunset Peony

Peonies  Zone 8

If you’re looking for a herbaceous peony with big, beautiful blooms, look no further than the Coral Sunset. This variety has blooms in shades of coral, pink, and red, giving any garden a touch of elegance.

Coral Sunset Peonies are adaptable to a variety of soil types but prefer well-drained soil. They also like full sun but can tolerate some light shade.

Peony Peregriana

Peonies  Zone 8

The Peony Peregrina is among one of the most beautiful red peonies. It is also one of the oldest varieties, dating back to the Middle Ages. This variety is known for its large, double blooms that can reach up to eight inches in diameter. Famous for its long-lasting blooms, the Peony Peregrina will give your garden a touch of Old World charm.

Plant it near a fence or other structure that can provide it with some support, as the blooms can be quite heavy. It also prefers a location that gets full sun.

Peony Lactiflora

Peonies  Zone 8

The Peony Lactiflora is a popular variety for its delicate, pink blooms. This type of peony typically blooms in late spring and early summer. Many people like to use the Peony Lactiflora in arrangements and bouquets. Aside from its beauty, this variety is also quite hardy and can tolerate a range of soil types.

Japanese Tree Peonies

Japanese tree peonies are a type of peony that can do well in zone 8. They are known for their large flowers, and they can grow to be quite tall. The blooms on these peonies can be white, pink, or red, and they are very fragrant. If you want a type of peony that will make a statement in your garden, then the Japanese tree peony is a good choice.

Peonies Zone 8: Conclusion

Move over roses; it’s time to make way for peonies! These gorgeous flowers have been taking the gardening world by storm in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. With their lush blooms and beautiful fragrance, peonies are the perfect addition to any garden.

Despite their delicate appearance, peonies are actually quite hardy flowers and can survive in some of the most extreme conditions. So, if you’re wondering if peonies can make it in your neck of the woods, the answer is a resounding yes! Check out our list above for some of the best types of peonies for zone 8 gardeners.

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