Mushrooms that Grow On Oak Trees

If you take a close look at oak trees you will find different kinds of mushrooms growing in and around them. You can spot valuable mushrooms that grow on oak trees along with damaging kinds. Also, both edible kinds and poisonous fungal growth can be seen near the type of tree. You need to know the different kinds that grow to work with the mushrooms better. Next, a list has been provided which will help you identify the types easily. So, to know more do read on.

Mushrooms that Grow On Oak Trees: Common Types

Inonotus obliquus

Sulphur or Chicken

You can find this type of mushroom on oak trees in fall and summer. You can identify this one by the way it grows. It happens to grow in round and almost flower-like clusters. It is very easy to identify it. The color of this mushroom is quite unique. It has an orange-yellow coloring and the color is vibrant to some extent.


When looking for an edible mushroom growing near or on oak trees, do search for Maitake mushrooms. This safe-to-eat mushroom mainly grows at the lower part of many species of oak trees. Besides, you can identify this one by its style. It grows with a large almost circle shape that mirrors a huddle of mushroom caps. It can either be yellowish, grey, or brown in color.


This is used in culinary dishes and is known for its vivid yellow and orange color. They naturally form from June to September under oak and other hardwood trees. You can identify them by their edges that happen to be ruffled. This specific feature makes the mushrooms look like tubular flowers that have just bloomed.


Toadstool mushrooms pop up in summer and fall in and around oak trees. As they are common, it is very much possible that you will come across this kind. You can identify this one by its smell. It has a fermented scent that is quite strong making it very easy to spot. The most unique thing about it is that the white cap of the mushroom will turn into brown color after it matures. However, the flesh will stay white in color.


Jack-o-lantern (toxic)

Without any difficulties, you can spot this kind of mushroom. They will grow on decaying oak trees’ stumps or roots. Even though they are poisonous, the look of this one is truly fascinating. It looks like large flowers. Its bright orange color definitely stands out.

Flu amanita

You will find many different types of poisonous mushrooms growing on or near oak trees and Flu amanita happens to be a very common type. If someone tells you they have spotted a poisonous mushroom on an oak tree, chances are it is this type. You can identify them by their orange and yellow colored caps and orange-reddish stems.

Destroying angle

The most terrifying thing about this type of poisonous mushroom is that it is very innocent-looking. It is very easy to be fooled by this one. Hence, it is advisable that you learn how to identify without fail to be safe. They can be found in forested areas and on oak trees. This kind will pop up from July to October. It is all white in color.


You can find a parasite mushroom living off oak trees and it is called Honey mushrooms. Some people and animals eat this kind of mushroom. However, it will be best to stay away from them because time and again people experience nausea after ingesting them.

You can see them grow during late summer and early fall. Sometimes, it was seen that it was able to maintain a mutual, friendly relationship with the oak trees. If the population of this mushroom keeps on increasing, then chances are that they might turn parasitic in nature. For nutrients, it will start to compete with other plant life.


You must have heard of Truffles. This type of rare, expensive, and delicious mushroom is also found growing around the roots of oak trees. It is very difficult to spot truffles. Professional truffle framers take the help of trained pigs (sometimes trained dogs) to search for this kind.

Mushrooms that Grow On Oak Trees: Conclusion

There you have it; this was a list of different types and kinds of mushrooms that grow on oak trees. Hopefully, you now can identify them and approach them accordingly. You should know that there are also many other types of mushrooms growing on or near oak trees. You can read more on this subject to know every one of them in detail.