How to Get Rid of Moss in Your Grass (With or Without Moss Killer)

Moss grows in damp areas and, in some cases, can take over your lawn, making it look patchy and unattractive. Moss thrives in soggy, shaded areas and reproduces via spores. Moss can look lovely in the right place as it’s green and velvety. But if you have clumps of moss appearing in the middle of your lawn, you probably want to get rid of it.  An effective moss killer for grass can get your yard back into shape in no time.

The appearance of moss in your yard may indicate that you have a problem with drainage or that you’re overwatering your lawn. Let’s look at the main cause of moss and how to get rid of this low-growing plant.

How to kill moss in grass

Get Rid of Moss Without Moss Killer

Moss is relatively easy to remove as it doesn’t have the same type of root system as other plants. This means that it can be easily pulled up or raked from your lawn. If your lawn has a few small patches of moss, you can vigorously rake the mossy patches using a spring tine rake. This will loosen the moss, and you can then remove it by hand. Once you’ve collected the moss, you can either put it in your compost bin or throw it in the trash.

If moss has spread and is covering much of your lawn, or you have large patches of moss all over your yard, you may need a more powerful solution. You can use a dethatching blade on a lawnmower to remove a large amount of moss easily.

Many lawnmowers have dethatching attachments that are designed to remove thick layers of dead grass and other organic matter, known as thatch, from your lawn. These attachments also work well to remove moss. Dethatching is beneficial for your lawn as it not only removes organic matter and moss it also allows water to reach the grassroots.

Another solution is to use a power rake to remove the moss. These machines are generally gas-powered and can be used to quickly and easily remove moss from your lawn. They work in the same way as raking by hand but make the job a lot easier and less time-consuming. A power rake is the best option for heavy moss growth. These machines can often be rented, or you can ask a professional gardening or landscaping company to do the job.

Get rid of moss by changing the conditions in your yard

Creating Moss Free Yard

Moss needs certain conditions to grow; it likes soggy soil and areas of shade. If you have a lot of moss in your yard, it’s worth looking at the conditions to see if there are any changes you can make so that the moss doesn’t regrow. Perhaps your lawn doesn’t drain well or is being overwatered. You may be able to reduce watering, which will improve the situation.

Moss likes shady areas grows underneath trees or near a shed or garages that block the sun. To stop moss from growing in shady areas, you can plant shrubs or perennials to create a ground cover. Plants such as rhododendron, ajuga or pachysandra work well.

It’s also a good idea to test your soil’s pH levels. This can be done using a soil testing kit. Moss likes to grow in acidic soils, which aren’t good for grasses. If you have acidic soil, you can adjust it using products to make your soil more alkaline so that moss is less likely to take over.

You can also test your soil nutritional value; if the soil has low nitrogen, phosphorus, or potassium levels, moss is more likely to grow. You can improve soils fertility after testing by using the correct type of fertilizer.

What can you use to kill moss on grass?

There are also specialist moss killers available, which can be used to get rid of moss easily.

  • Moss herbicides generally contain two chemicals called glyphosate and iron sulfate. These chemicals are strong, so you should be careful when applying them to your lawn. Always read the label carefully and follow the label exactly. You can also wear gloves to protect yourself from herbicides. Some herbicides designed to kill moss will also destroy the grass; these products commonly contain glyphosate.
  • Iron sulfate is very effective as it dries out the moss and kills it without affecting your grass. After using a product that contains iron sulfate, you’ll find that the moss turns black and dies within one or two days.

Moss Killer for Grass

There are many great products available on Amazon which can help you get rid of moss. Here are two of the most effective moss killers for grass:

Scotts MossEx

Moss Killer

Scotts MossEx is an excellent product as it will kill moss that’s growing amongst your grass but won’t ruin your lawn. This product doesn’t contain any ingredients that are harmful to grass and is beneficial to the health of your lawn. It can help develop thick grass and contains nutrients that will improve the health of your grass and make it look greener.

It’s best to apply Scotts MossEx during the winter or spring months as this is the time when your grass will be moist. Taller grass will also have been mowed, which will help to expose low-growing moss. This product can be applied using many types of spreaders, which are also available from Scotts. One bag of Scotts MossEx is enough to treat up to 5,000 square feet of grass.

  • Can be used with a drop, or Wizz spreader
  • Suitable for yards that are up to 5,000 sq. ft.
  • Kills moss and improves the health of the grass


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BioAdvanced Moss and Algae Killer (ASIN B001DKEPJ8)

This effective product can eliminate moss and algae from your lawns. It can also be used to get rid of lichen, mold, and mildew in your home or yard. This product is a two in one killer and cleaner. It can be used on lawns, patios, gutters, siding, and roofs, as well as outbuildings, decks, and driveways.

Bio-advanced formula kills moss very quickly. Within hours you’ll notice that the moss has turned yellow. It will then turn brown and die completely. This formula doesn’t contain any bleach and won’t kill your grass. It can be used to treat lawns of up to 500 sq. feet.

  • Kills moss quickly without harming the grass
  • Non-bleach formula
  • Can be used to treat lawns of 500 sq. ft.
  • Also gets rid of lichen, mold, mildew, and algae
  • Suitable for use on lawn, patios, driveways, paths, and roofs.


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It’s relatively easy to get rid of small patches of moss in your lawn. All you need is a rake or a dethatcher. If you have larger areas of moss, you may like to make changes to your soil; reducing watering or making the pH more alkaline can stop moss growing. Alternatively, you can use one of the above moss killer for grass options, which will quickly kill moss without harming your grass.

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