Lawn Edger vs Bed Redefiner [Which is Right for Your Flowerbed?]

Some homeowners like to have a physical barrier between their lawn and flowerbed, such as a concrete border. These help to secure the earth and are attractive to look at. Often when a border doesn’t have a physical barrier, you may need a lawn edger or redefining equipment to help set up and maintain your yard’s landscape. Let’s look at two tools that can help create the perfect border Lawn Edger vs. Bed Redefiner.

If you’re planning to create a flowerbed or vegetable garden, there needs to be an edge where the lawn meets the bed. You may like to make a border in the old school way using a shovel, or perhaps you’ll use a lawn edger or a bed redefine. While a shovel may be adequate, it’s also hard work, and if you have a lot of borders to cut, you may like to invest in an electric or gas-powered machine.

Lawn Edger vs. Bed Redefiner

Bed Redefiner vs Lawn Edger

Lawn edgers make cutting a new lawn edge straightforward, while a bed redefiner allows you to clean up existing edges. Let’s compare lawn edger vs. bed redefine and look at the features and benefits of each.

Lawn edgers are used in landscaping projects to create a border between the lawn and flowerbeds or vegetable gardens. If you’re digging out a flower bed, it’s easier to create a straight edge using a lawn edger.

A bed redefiner, on the other hand, is used if you already have a flower bed cut and want to improve its edges. Bed redefiners aren’t supposed to be used to cut new edges; this is the job of a lawn edger. Lawn edger’s and bed redefiners are both available either as a handheld or a ground-based machine. There are various edgers and bed definers available on the market, and these machines are either electric or gas-powered.

How Does A Lawn Edger Work?

Lawn edgers are often used in landscaping projects. They are the perfect machine if you plan to create flowerbeds in your yard. Lawn edger machines are specifically designed to cut into the lawn quickly and effectively. They cut and dig through grass and leave a narrow trench which is directed by the operator. Once you’ve dug a trench, you can remove the rest of the grass, and you’re left with an area that you can grow flowers or vegetables.

Lawn edgers have a rotating metal blade that moves at a very high speed and cuts a trench. The depth of the trench can be adjusted to suit your needs. Lawn edgers are available either as a hand-held machine or a wheel-based machine that can be pushed along the ground. Choosing a wheel-based machine may be advantageous if you have a lot of borders to cut as they are easier to operate for long periods of time. A hand-held machine is easier to use if you are creating borders that are rounded or have sharp-curved edges.

Many people would argue that they don’t need an edger as a shovel works just as well. If you have lots of flower beds to cut or are covering a large area doing the job by hand may be too much. Having a clean edge on your flowerbed and lawn border will help you create a nicely landscaped yard.

What is A Bed Redefiner?

A bed redefiner allows you to clean up the edges of your lawn that have been previously cut. Bed redefiners generally aren’t as strong as lawn edgers and can be used to cut new edges. Both machines work in very similar ways.

Bed redefiners are handheld and have a spinning blade which is located at the end of a handheld unit. This is used to chip away at the dirt and mulch that has built up at the edge of your beds. Over time flower bed edges can crumble and collapse; a redefine allows you to create a new straight edge that’s well defined and looks great.

Bed redefiners are generally light and easy to use. You’ll be able to carry the tool around easily as they are lightweight yet powerful enough to cut through soil and mulch. These machines aren’t as robustly built as lawn edgers. A bed redefiner is considered a complementary tool that can be used to improve the edges of your lawns and flowerbeds.

Using Edger and redefiners On Flower Beds

Edger vs Bed Redefiner

Lawn Edgers and redefiners can be used on flower bed edges. Whether you choose an edger or a redefine depends on whether you already have flower beds cut. You can use an edger to cut a new flower bed, and many machines can also be used to redefine edgers. If you choose a wheel-based edger, it may be challenging to operate if you’re planning flower beds with tight curves. A hand-held edger will be a better choice.

Hand-held edger machines or a hand-held bed redefiner both work well if your flower border requires a clean-up. Bed redefiners aren’t as robust and powerful as lawn edgers. You may notice that you need to redefine your bed’s edges regularly, depending on the consistency of your soil. Unless your edges are very compact, they may often crumble. You may also like to consider choosing some concrete, brick, or stone borders to hold the soil in place.

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Conclusion:  Bed Redefiner Vs. Lawn Edger

Most homeowners will inherit their flower beds and lawn edges when they buy their home. Unless your property is a new build, it’s likely that your yard will already be landscaped. If there are already flowerbeds, it’s best to use a bed redefine to make the edges sharper so that they look great and stand out. Unless you plan to create a new flowerbed or vegetable garden, there’s no need to buy a lawn edger.

Both edgers are bed redefiners are available as electric models or are gas-powered. They are generally powerful and easy to use, making landscaping your yard straightforward.