Ironite: Everything You Need to Know

Keeping your lawn in good condition takes regular maintenance. Most homeowners regularly mow their lawn, but many fail to provide the grass with the nutrients it needs to thrive. Ironite is an excellent fertilizer that contains iron and encourages growth.

Iron is an essential nutrient for plant growth. Many yards have grass that’s deficient in iron, causing it to become yellow and die. Using Ironite will help to restore the health of your lawn.

If you’re searching for a fertilizer that’s high in iron and other essential nutrients, Ironite is a great choice. This article will look at the benefits of Ironite and tell you everything you need to know about using the fertilizer.


What is Ironite?

Ironite is an iron based fertilizer that’s created by Pennington Seed Corporation and is commonly used on lawns. Grass needs to absorb essential nutrients to be able to grow green and healthy.

This fertilizer contains iron and other micronutrients, including manganese, zinc, copper, and chlorine. It also contains macronutrients, including nitrogen and phosphorus, which help with the photosynthesis process that allows grass to turn green.


The Benefits of Using Ironite

Ironite Benefits for the lawn

As the name suggests, Ironite is high in iron, which helps plants and grasses to produce chlorophyll, the green compound in plants. This is needed for photosynthesis. A common reason for grass to turn yellowish is due to iron-deficiency.

Iron is naturally present in the soil but is sometimes only available in a form that can’t be effectively absorbed by the plants. This is the case when iron oxide or rust is present in the soil.

The soil’s pH is crucial as it will determine the grasses ability to absorb iron. Ironite contains the correct quantity of iron in a form that can be readily used by the plants. You may quickly notice a quick color improvement after using Ironite on your lawn.

You may like to test your soils pH levels to determine whether or not your soil is iron deficient. This will help you decide if Ironite is the correct product for your grass. If you find that there are low levels of iron in your soil, Ironite can be used to help your lawn become lush and green. Soil that’s iron deficient needs ongoing maintenance to help reduce the soil’s pH. You can give it to your lawn four times a year to help improve the health of your yard.

Ironite has the correct ratio of iron to other nutrients. It contains the correct amount of nitrogen. Many fertilizers have too much nitrogen, which encourages excessive growth, resulting in the need to mow and water the lawn more often. Too much nitrogen can also promote fungal diseases in lawns.


When to use Ironite

Ironite is available in a few different solutions. It can be bought as a mineral supplement in granular form, as a lawn and plant food, or in a liquid form. Let’s look at how to apply each of these to your lawn.

Remember to read the instructions on the back of the packet before applying fertilizer, as you’ll be able to ensure you have the correct dosage. Lawns can be fertilized with Ironite up to four times annually.

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Ironite Mineral Supplement

ironite new lawn

Ironite is available as a mineral supplement, which are granules that contain soluble iron. This type of supplement can be spread on your lawn or mixed into compost when planting new grass. It will gradually dissolve over time as it comes into contact with water and helps yellow grass to become healthier and turn green again. Ironite mineral supplement contains low levels of fertilizer and has a high iron content, which helps to address iron deficiencies that discolor grass.

It’s recommended that you use Ironites mineral supplements four times a year. It can also be used alongside a fertilizer. You can apply the supplement to your lawn using a fertilizer spreader. Use one pound of granules per 100 square feet of ground. Ensure that you water your lawn well after using the supplement.


Ironite Plus Lawn and Plant Food

Ironite Plus Lawn and Plant Food is an effective fertilizer that supplies lawns with iron and sulfur in a granule form. If you choose to use this type of Ironite, you should distribute twenty pounds evenly over 2,500 square feet of lawn using a fertilizer spreader. This type of fertilizer can be used on lawns up to four times a year. Once you’ve spread the granules, water well.


Ironite Plus Garden Spray

Ironite has also created a spray fertilizer called Plus Lawn and Garden Spray. This is a liquid product that contains iron and can be spread using a hose. Iron and other nutrients are able to reach your lawn through the grasses’ blades as well as the roots.

If you decide to use a liquid fertilizer rather than granules, you can attach the bottle to your garden hose. This allows you to supply your lawn with fertilizer and water at the same time. Apply the liquid to moist ground once a month until the condition of your grass has improved.


Is it safe to use?

Ironite is safe to use if applied correctly. It’s a good idea to wear long pants and sleeves when working with chemicals. Also, wear gloves if you’re spreading fertilizer. Ensure that you wash any exposed skin after application.

It can stain or burn clothing; if you get any on your clothes, wash items separately from your other laundry. Ironite contains mercury, which is considered a dangerous and toxic substance. You should always make sure that garden chemicals are kept out of the reach of children and pets. Store fertilizers carefully when not in use and don’t allow children or pets to enter your yard while applying the fertilizer. Don’t let anyone walk on the grass until it has completely dried.

Animals or children who ingest Ironite are likely to become sick. It’s also a good idea to avoid getting Ironite in the water supply, including runoffs or ditches. The chemicals in ironite can stain rocks and flagstones, so keep it away from paths and patios. It can also affect concrete and wood and should be swept off if it comes into contact with your home or garden features rather than washed away with water.



As Ironite is a chemical-based product, it’s essential to take the necessary proportions before applying it to your lawn. Ironite contains iron, which will help improve the health and look of your lawn.

It should be applied four times a year at regular intervals. It’s best to use the fertilizer at cooler times of the year as Ironite may cause your grass to dry out or burn due to a reaction with the chemicals and heat from the sun.