Impatiens in Hanging Baskets: Growth and Care Guide

Impatiens are fantastic flowers for a variety of occasions. They are remarkably easy to grow and perfect for beginners and seasoned gardeners. However, many people don’t have lawn space for impatiens to be planted in the ground. Many people live in apartments where they don’t have a yard in which they can plant flowers. 

That begs the question, “Can impatiens grow in hanging baskets?” The answer is yes! Impatiens can thrive in hanging baskets. Thus, people without yards can enjoy the beauty of potted hanging impatiens.

How To Grow Impatiens in Hanging Baskets

Impatiens in Hanging Baskets

Impatiens can grow in hanging baskets, but someone must care for them well for them to thrive. Here are some tips on how to effectively grow impatiens in hanging baskets:

Find the Right Spot

Impatiens can generally grow in any amount of sun. Impatiens can grow in mostly shade or full sun. Be careful to not pick a place that only has deep shade or only direct sunlight. Try to find a place for the impatiens with a mix of sun and shade. 

Water Well

Another thing that impatiens need to thrive is appropriate watering. Impatiens will wilt without water, but they hate standing water. Overwatering impatiens will cause them to mold and die. However, impatiens growing in hanging baskets will need more water. The limited soil surrounding the roots allows the water to drain quickly from the basket. 

There are two effective ways to tell whether your impatiens need to get watered. The first is that the basket will be significantly lighter than when it has just gotten watered.

Another way you can tell if your impatiens need to get watered is to insert your finger into the soil and decide if the soil one inch under the surface has any moisture. If the basket is light or the dirt is dry, water the soil thoroughly and give the basket plenty of time to drain.

Effective Pruning

Impatiens in Hanging Baskets

Impatiens planted in hanging baskets will need to get properly pruned. If not pruned, impatiens can become leggy and ugly. Impatiens should get pruned only when the plant has grown long stems with only one flower. Pruning the plant will help regain the bushy look from when it was young. 

To prune an impatiens plant, first identify the stems that need to get pruned. Be aware that the flowers will take a few weeks to grow back. The plant may look unattractive while the heads regrow. After identifying the leggy stems, use a sharp pair of scissors and cut the stem down to your desired height. 

Consistent Fertilizing

Impatiens growing in a hanging basket need more frequent fertilizer than those growing in the ground. Hanging impatiens need a water-soluble fertilizer once every two weeks. Choose a balanced fertilizer, such as a 13-13-13 or 10-10-10 fertilizer, but make sure it is water soluble.

Final Thoughts

Impatiens are a beautiful option for a variety of people. Impatiens in hanging baskets can grow anywhere, like outside apartments, condos, or homes. They can thrive if you follow a few of the above steps to help your plant.

You should ensure they have the right amount of sun and shade, and that they get watered frequently, fertilized, and pruned effectively. Impatiens are great flowers to plant in a hanging basket.