How To Store a Lawn Mower Outside Without a Shed

Have you recently purchased a new lawnmower but don’t have a place to store it? If so, you are not alone. Storage sheds can be expensive, and not everyone has room for one on their property. Today you will learn how to store a lawn mower outside when a shed is not an option.

How To Store Your Lawnmower Outside Without A Shed

How To Store A Lawn Mower Outside Without A Shed

Not everyone has a shed they can store their lawnmower in. Below you will learn how to store your lawnmower outside without a shed. These tips will help keep your mower safe while you make plans for long-term storage.

Place It Under A Tarp

How To Store A Lawn Mower Outside Without A Shed

Tarps are ideal for storing lawnmowers when you don’t have a shed on your property. A thick heavy-duty tarp works best and will keep rain and other forms of moisture from damaging your mower. When securing the tarp, make sure to use strong rope so that it doesn’t fly away in high winds.

Tarps can be purchased online, or you can find them in your local hardware store. When choosing a tarp, pick one that is large enough to cover your entire mower.

Wrap It in Painter’s Plastic

If you have a roll of painter’s plastic laying around the house, you can use it to protect your lawnmower. Before wrapping your mower in plastic, give it time to cool off. This will help prevent the plastic from melting and potentially causing a fire.

When wrapping your mower in painter’s plastic, make sure you place something heavy on the plastic. This will help prevent the plastic from blowing off during windy conditions.

Park It Under A Trampoline

Trampolines are great fun, and they can also come in handy when it comes to storing things. If you don’t have a shed to store your lawnmower in, but you have a trampoline, you can keep it safe by parking it temporarily under the trampoline.

Keep in mind that you must remove the mower when the trampoline is in use. This is important because using a trampoline with the mower under it can be dangerous.

Use A Lawnmower Cover

One of the best ways to store your lawnmower when you don’t own a shed is by keeping it under a lawnmower cover. These covers can be purchased at many big box stores and they are very convenient. There are many different types of lawnmower covers, so make you purchase one that fits your mower model.

To find the right cover for your mower, make sure you write down the make and model number of your mower, before heading to the store. This will help shopping for a lawnmower cover much easier.

Store It Under Your Porch

If you have a raised porch on the back or front of your home, you can store your lawnmower under it. While this may not be the ideal location for storage, it will keep your mower safe from the elements. Additionally, having your lawnmower close to home will pervert theft.

Before placing your mower under your porch, give it a few hours to cool off. This will prevent fire and damage to your property.

Hide It Under Trees

If you don’t have a good place to keep your mower when not in use, you can park it temporarily under a tree. This will help keep rain from damaging your mower, but this isn’t a long-term solution. If you live in an area with a high theft rate, you may want to chain your mower to the tree.

Before choosing a tree to keep your lawnmower under, make sure to check for any hanging branches. Dead branches can fall during high winds and may damage your mower.

Keep It in A Covered Trailer

Covered lawnmower trailers are the perfect alternative to shed storage. These trailers are designed to keep mowers safe from both the elements and theft. While these trailers are expensive, they are often more affordable than storage sheds. Having a covered trailer will also allow you to store other items such as weed eaters and chainsaws.

How To Store A Lawn Mower Outside Without A Shed: Conclusion

Now that you know how to store a lawnmower outside without a shed, why not protect your mower today? The tips above will help keep your mower safe and sound while you make plans for long-term storage.

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