Can I Hang My Push Mower: All You Should Know

If you have a lawn and take care of it yourself, you must have a couple of tools that you store in your garage or wherever you have some space. But some items can take up plenty of space and will add up fast (if you don’t know how to store them optimally). If you are trying to save some room and improve the effectiveness of the usage you make of your space, you might be wondering: “Can I hang my push mower?”

And there is nothing wrong with this question. After all, some objects are bulkier than others, and you might want to look for ways to optimize your space.

And if you have a lawnmower, you know it can occupy a lot of room. But will it store it in a vertical position ruin it? And what other options do you have at your disposal that you must consider?

You are in the right place to find out! Indeed, here we collected our recommendations to store your push mower to optimize your space (and avoid damaging your mower in the process). Are you curious? Keep on reading then!

Storing a Push Mower: Our Tips

Can I Hang My Push Mower

We all know that lawnmowers are bulky. And if you don’t have much space at your disposal, hanging it somewhere might be your best option to optimize it. However, the vertical storage of this kind of equipment might damage it. Check your manufacturer’s recommendations.

The disadvantages of hanging up your mower

Unless your push mower is suitable for hanging, avoid doing it. Storing your mower in a vertical position might cause fuel and oil to drip into the engine, which might cause you plenty of headaches when you need to use it.

You might experience difficulties starting the machine or even deal with potential engine damage that might (in the long run) ruin your mower.

Mowers that can hang

But if you have a mower that does well vertically, go ahead. Examples include the TORO Smart Stow lawnmower: its storage also reduces leaks and minimizes the product’s footprint.

The sample applies to the electric Snapper XD. We recommend you to store your mower vertically only if the owner’s manual states it.

How to store your lawnmower

Can I Hang My Push Mower

If it doesn’t, you should store your mower on flat ground. But if you don’t have other options, you can drain all the liquids to avoid leakage and then hang it.

However, it is always better not to do so because you might encounter problems.

Storing outdoors

But what if you don’t have enough space to store your push mower in your garage? You may be able to place it outside, but you’ll need to take precautions.

Don’t forget that mowers aren’t weatherproof: you must store them somewhere you can protect them from moisture. Locating it under a shed (or indoors) is a better idea.

But if those aren’t options for you, put it under a patio or a gazebo, better if on an elevated location. You will have to add extra protection against snow and rain (if necessary).

Use a heavy-duty cover to protect your equipment against the weather elements. But don’t forget to leave some ventilation to prevent the formation of mold, mildew, or rust.

Putting your mower away for winter

If you are storing your mower for the winter, you must take other measures. To begin with, add some fuel stabilizer to the tank to prevent the gas from spoiling (yes, even gasoline has a shelf life).

Before storing, run the engine for at least five minutes to make the product circulate. If you don’t want to get a stabilizer, empty the fuel tank: turn on the mower until it goes off and keep doing that until your mower won’t start: that’s the saying you have drained all the gas from it.

If you own an electric push mower, take the batteries out and charge it completely. Don’t forget to clean your mower to remove the dirt and debris.

Wipe the exterior with a moist cloth to ensure it stays clean over the winter. Also, don’t forget to lubricate your mower: check your product’s instruction manual to learn how to do it properly.

Ensure the air filters aren’t clogged and replace them if you need to. Minimize possible damage by tightening loose bolts and fasteners.

Can I Hang My Push Mower: The Bottom Line

So, in essence, you shouldn’t hang your push mower: it will unnecessarily damage it. Always follow the instructions you find in the manual and store them in a cool and dry place to minimize risks.

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