How to Protect Your Lawn from Cars

Do you have problems with cars driving over your lawn? Perhaps you’re looking for ways to protect your grass from vehicles. This is often a problem for homeowners with a lawn that has no curb or touches the road.  Don’t worry; there are many ways to protect your lawn from cars.

Having people drive over your lawn can damage your grass and make your property look untidy or even unkempt. So if you want to improve your curb appeal, you’ll want to deter people from driving or parking on your lawn.

There are many ways that you can protect your lawn from cars; let’s look at some of the most effective methods which will stop your lawn from getting wrecked.

How to protect your lawn from cars

Perhaps the best way to stop people driving on your grass is to put up a stop sign. This is a popular method but is often ineffective as drivers can ignore signs. Instead, it may be more effective to create a physical barrier to stop people from driving in your yard. You may like to try one of the following methods:

1. Marker Flags

Flags seem easier to spot and will slow cars down and prevent them from driving on your lawn, then a sign. To prevent motorists from driving onto your lawn, you can put a row of flags in the way. It may be a good idea to use tall flags that are at least 3 or 4 feet tall so that they can be easily spotted from a distance. Choose a brightly colored flag such as red or yellow, which will be more likely to get people’s attention. Install the flags as close to the curb as possible; this will make people slow down and rethink their route.

PS Direct: Marking Flag – Orange Glo

PS Direct has created these excellent quality marking flags. They can be used outside in even the harshest of weather conditions and are great for marking the boundary of your land. The flags have been manufactured using durable material and, as a result, are tough and tear-resistant. The flags poles are made from steel and are also very durable and easy to stake into the ground.

PS Directs flags are available in a variety of bright colors, which are easy to spot.

  • Fluorescent colors are visible at long range.
  • Durable and well made
  • Great for marking the boundary of your yard


2. Ground Protection Mesh

If you want to protect your lawn rather than stop people from driving across it or parking on it, you could use a ground protection mesh. These meshes have been specifically designed to protect the ground and are made from thick plastic.

Ground protection mesh will reduce damage to lawns from car and foot traffic. The mesh works by helping to distribute the weight of the car. It also helps to reduce wear and tear and creates a slip-resistance surface which can be beneficial in muddy areas.


Yard Saver Drive-On Lawn Grid

how to protect lawn from cars

These yard savers come in a box of five and are very easy to install. They can be used to create a parking area or paths in your yard and allow cars to drive over your lawn without causing any damage to the grass. The yard savers can also use them to help repair yards that have seen a lot of traffic and will allow the grass to thrive.

  • Made in the USA
  • Manufactured using a durable, heavyweight molded plastic
  • Easy to use
  • Comes in a box of five
  • Each piece weighs 4.84 pounds
  • Helps repair grass
  • Can be used to create a driveway or path.


3. Create a Barrier Using Boulders

Boulder Barrier to keep cars of lawn

You may like to build a barrier to stop cars from driving onto your lawn. Strategically placing large stones will stop motorists from driving or parking on your grass. However, you should think carefully before taking this approach.

While boulders will save your landscaping and is easy to install and mess-free, there is also a significant drawback. Large boulders could cause people injuries if they were to hit one in their vehicles. You don’t want to end up with a court case against you, so depending on your location, it’s likely using boulders isn’t a wise choice.


4. Hedges

keep vehicles off lawn
Even hedges this small can keep a car off your lawn

A better way to create a barrier around your land is to plant a hedge or build a fence. A hedge can make your yard safer, more private, and also looks great. Hedges do take a while to grow, but once established, they will provide an effective barrier to stop cars from driving on your grass.  Even a small hedge will deter a driver.


5. Edging

Edging comes in many different forms. All of them can create a barrier between vehicles and your lawn.

You can also try creating an edge on your lawn to mark the boundary to your land. This may deter people from driving on into your yard. Edging is available in various materials, including plastic and concrete. You can also use bricks to mark your yard.

When choosing edging, it’s worth noting that plastic can be affected by the climate, particularly if you live in a cold area. It can also discolor or fade over time. Concrete edging may be a better option as it’s functional and affordable. It also looks great and is the most widely used edging available.


6. Build a berm of Soil

Some homeowners like to create a berm of soil to stop people from driving over their lawns. However, this may not be the best solution. If a driver decides to ignore the berm or doesn’t see it soon enough, and there is a gradual incline, this may cause more problems.

The car may become airborne, especially if the driver is speeding, and this will cause more damage to your grass than if the driver had driven over it at ground level. If the berm is too high, you may also end up with a driver who’s had an accident and is holding you liable.


There are many ways to protect your lawn from cars. You may like to use a ground protection mesh to help restore grass and create a parking space. If you’re trying to deter people from driving across your lawn, building a barrier is the best solution. You can either use boulders, plant a hedge, build a fence, or use marker flags.