How to Make Bahia Grass Thicker

Bahai grass is a large ornamental warm-season bunchgrass native to Brazil. It is primarily used in the American south for home lawns, turf and roadside revegetation because of its aggressive growth habit, tolerance to saline soils, and dense flattering appearance.  If you are looking to make your Bahia grass thicker, here are the steps involved:


Make Bahia Grass Thicker with these Easy Steps

How to Make Bahia Grass Thicker

Bahia Grass Neds Full Sunlight

Bahia grass requires full sunlight, so you should begin by clearing out any tall or unwanted plants next to your Bahia.  Giving Bahia grass full sunlight is absolutely necessary to make it grow thicker.

Use an Herbicide

Next, use an herbicide or other approved weed removal method to eradicate anything growing in the area that doesn’t resemble bahia grass. Keeping the underlying earth free of weeds will be important because these could inhibit growth.  This is perhaps the most important step in making Bahia grass thicker, since it’s tough to keep it from being overwhelmed by weeds otherwise.

Remove any Current Weeds by Hand

By removing the weeds, you are allowing more sunlight to reach the bahia grass. This coveted sunlight will trigger photosynthesis — a necessary step for any plant to make food — which in turn makes your bahia grow thicker.

Use Mulch to Control Water

Placing mulch around the desired Bahia location is another way to help it thrive by controlling water and nutrient loss. It also will provide insulation during cold weather and is aesthetically pleasing when maintained. Your bahia grass will be able to grow in clay-like soils, so you can add organic matter such as compost or manure to your soil if it is too compact and dense.

Bahia Thickening Tips

How to Thicken Bahia

  • Bahia grass spreads easily by sending out underground runners and can be propagated by dividing these runners.
  • Bahia grass can be planted closer together to increase the thickness of the turf, but this method results in more frequent mowing and watering requirements.

Bahia Grass Origin

The name “Bahia” came from the Bahian region in Brazil where it is native. The government of this Brazilian state sponsored a program to plant bahia throughout its state as erosion control measure following deforestation. It was also introduced to California and many other states of the US. It is still sold commercially in most parts of the world, earning it the title of “world’s worst weed”.


Bahia grass is very coarse and can be difficult to grow thicker.  It needs to be watered often, cut short at least once per month, and prevented from completely drying out in the sun. Bahia grass spreads by sending out stolons (horizontal stems under ground) that develop new plants as they grow.

After these steps, maintain your new and improved bahia grass by watering it regularly, fertilizing it once a month and giving it extra nitrogen during the fall.

You should also remove any weeds that pop up in the area to keep potential competition for nutrients or sun from hindering your Bahia’s growth.

Once you have met all of these conditions, your bahia grass should grow thicker than it was before.

However, Bahia grass requires full sunlight and some fertilization to thrive. If you remove any competition from weeds and add fertilizer and mulch, your Bahia grass will grow thicker than it was before after some regular maintenance.

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