How To Keep Lobelia Blooming All Summer Long

If you are familiar with lobelia, then you know just how beautiful this flowing plant can be. Many people enjoy planting lobelia in the garden as well as in containers. There are over 400 varieties of lobelias to choose from, so finding one that matches your own taste will be easy. Below you will learn how to keep lobelia blooming all summer.

The main reason people choose this plant is because of its beautiful blooms. Flowers of the lobelia come in many different colors of the rainbow. However, some people have a difficult time getting this plant to bloom all summer. Luckily there is a way to get the most out of this amazing plant. 

Are You in The Ideal Environment?

How To Keep Lobelia Blooming All Summer Long

The first thing you should consider before planting lobelia on your property is to find out if you live in the right environment. Many people who live in hardiness zones 1-10 can grow lobelia during the warmer months. However, those in areas with cooler and shorter summers will find it difficult to have blooms all growing season.

Those that live in zones closer to hardiness zones 8-10 have a better chance of producing plants that bloom all summer long.

Plant Lobelia in The Ideal Spot

How To Keep Lobelia Blooming All Summer Long

While lobelia can do well in both partial shade to full sun, getting more sun often means more blooms. To get the most out of your flowers, plant them in sunny areas with fertile soil. If you choose to plant lobelia in containers, make sure they are getting the right amount of sunlight for maximum growth.

Don’t Forget to Prune

If you want to know how to keep lobelia blooming all summer, then you shouldn’t forget to prune them. Many people forget to prune their plants and often this prevents them from producing the most blooms.

Not only does pruning lobelia make them look nicer it also helps to encourage the plant to put on new growth. This new growth will produce beautiful blooms well into the latter days of summer.

Provide Proper Amounts of Water and Fertilizer

To ensure that your lobelias bloom all summer long, make sure that you give them plenty of water and fertilizer. It is a good idea to fertilize lobelias in the spring, to help them produce blooms when the weather turns warmer.

When it comes to feeding your plants, it is recommended to use a 12-4-8 liquid fertilizer for best results. This will provide them with the right amount of balanced nutrients for your plants to thrive.

Watering your lobelia is especially important during the drier periods of the summer. These plants are native to tropical areas of the world and do best when provided with moisture.

Drought Can Be an Issue

In many parts of the country, drought can be an issue, especially in the summertime. As we mentioned earlier it is always a good idea to water your plants. But if drought has set in, then you will need to be on top of things and give your plants water at the right time. During drought, it is recommend that you water lobelia during the early morning hours and before the sun sets in the evening.

How To Keep Lobelia Blooming All Summer Long

Keep An Eye Out for Pests

Last but certainly not least, you should keep an eye out for pests. If your lobelias become overrun by pests, it will not only destroy the blooms of the plants but also take away the energy needed to produce blooms.

The most common pests associated with lobelia are spider mites. Spider mites can do a real number on this plant and take away its ability to bloom all summer long. Those that live in warmer climates, often face spider mite infestations.

To combat spider mites, mix Neem oil with cold water and mist any affected plants. This will send the spider mites packing and prevent them from coming back. You can also purchase commercial spider mite spray that works to keep your plants free from these nasty little pests.

How To Keep Lobelia Blooming All Summer Long: Conclusion

Now that you know how to keep lobelia blooming all summer, why not follow these tips during the growing season. Doing so will ensure that you have beautiful plants and eye-popping blooms each and every year.

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