How Much Does a Cubic Yard of Dirt Weigh?

If you’re planning to buy soil for your yard, for gardening, construction, or to complete a landscaping project, you may be wondering how much you need. Soil is generally sold in cubic yards. You may be wondering how much does a cubic yard of dirt weigh? Let’s find out.

Quick Answer:

A cubic yard of dirt weighs on average between 2000 and 2700 pounds

What is a cubic yard of dirt?

How much does a cubic yard of dirt Weigh

A cubic yard is three feet long, which is a yard. As well as being the same width and height. A cubic yard is equivalent to twenty-seven cubic feet.

The exact area of ground a cubic yard of soil will cover varies as it can change inconsistency. This makes it hard to measure using a yardstick. For example, the soil will be compressed if it’s wet and will take up less space; it will also feel lighter and cover a larger area when dry.

Which type of soil do I need?

What type of soil type do I need

There are a couple of different types of soil available, and which you use will depend on how you’re planning to use the soil. You can purchase different types of compost or topsoil, which have different consistencies and nutrients. For example, sandy soils are available for growing succulents, or you may choose peat-based topsoil for vegetables.

Another type of soil available is called fill dirt. This is generally lower-quality soil that is used for landscaping or construction projects. Fill dirt is usually drier and doesn’t contain organic matter; it can be used to fill in around building foundations. Fill dirt isn’t suitable for growing plants, so if you’re using it to landscape your garden, you’ll need to add a thick layer of topsoil so that grass and plants will grow.

When you see soil referred to as being available in cubic yards, it’s most likely fill dirt. People are more likely to buy large quantities of fill dirt than they are compost or topsoil.

A cubic yard of dirt’s weight

Cubic Yard of Dirt Weight

How much a cubic yard of dirt will weigh varies depending on whether you’re buying topsoil, compost, gravel, or filler dirt. These two types of soil contain different amounts of moisture and also have varying compositions. In general, fill dirt is lightweight and dry as it has been collected from deep within the ground.

On the other hand, topsoil contains more moisture and organic matter, which adds to its weight. The soil’s composition will affect its weight. Soil that contains sand will weigh less than clay-like soil. This is because clay can retain more moisture than sand.

The Average Cubic Yard of Dirt Weight

The average weight of fill dirt is between 2000 and 2700 pounds for a cubic yard. Weight will increase if the dirt is wet or if it contains sand, gravel, or stones. In some cases, the weight can increase to 3000 pounds or more.

Topsoil is heavier than fill dirt and generally weighs between 2600 and 3500 pounds a cubic yard. However, the weight will vary depending on how much moisture it contains, as well as the soil composition.

Moving a Cubic Yard of Soil

To visualize a cubic yard of dirt, you can think about wheelbarrows full of soil. While the shape and size of wheelbarrows vary, a medium-sized wheelbarrow holds 1/9th of a cubic yard of dirt. This means that it will take nine wheelbarrows full of dirt to make a cubic yard.

If you’re traveling a long way with topsoil or fill dirt, you’ll need a trailer. It’s a wise idea to determine the haulage capacity of your car before buying dirt, or you can have the fill dirt delivered to your property.

A pickup truck can transport one cubic yard of stone or gravel or two cubic yards of filler dirt. A small trailer will be able to transport one cubic yard of filler dirt. In contrast, a dump truck can carry approximately five cubic yards of filler dirt. Some larger dumper trucks can transport over ten cubic yards of filler dirt.

Conclusion:  Cubic Yard of Dirt Weight

The weight of one cubic yard of dirt varies depending on the type of soil you’re buying. Topsoil is generally heavier than filler dirt. A cubic yard of soil will weigh between 1,080 and 3,500 pounds. The weight will be affected by soil moisture and composition. Dirt that contains clay or gravel is heavier than lightweight dirt made up of sand and soil.