How Much do Orchids Cost? A Guide to Buying Orchids

Orchids are very popular as they have lovely colorful flowers and an exotic appearance. They also smell great and are available in many varieties. There are as many as 30000 orchid species as well as hybrids that have been created.

If you’re planning on buying an orchid, you may be wondering which species to choose and how much these plants are likely to cost. Before selecting an orchid species, you should consider the size of plant you have room for, the growing conditions needed, and the species and color. It’s also worth setting a budget as the price of orchids can vary considerably.

For most people, the price will be an essential factor when deciding which orchid plant to buy. Common orchids cost just $10, while rarer, more exotic species can set plant collectors back thousands. So, how much do orchids cost?

How much do orchids cost?

Orchid Cost

Most common orchids can be purchased for between $10 and 100 dollars depending on their size and variety. Prices increase depending on the rarity of the orchard and, in some cases, can reach several thousand dollars. Orchids that can be easily sourced are sold for lower prices than rare or even endangered varieties.

Why are orchids so expensive?

Rare orchids can sell for thousands, but many other factors will determine the price of an orchid, including the location and environment its been grown in. Some orchid species are challenging to grow or only grow in specific climates or locations and require special care. These will sell for a lot more than a common orchid that’s able to adapt to different climates and is easily grown anywhere.

The stage of growth the orchid is in and whether or not the plant is already in bloom will also affect the price. An orchid with multiple buds and is likely to flower soon, or one that has grown reasonably large will be sold for more than a small orchid with fewer buds.

Additional factors such as growing time, transportation, and location of the florists will all have an effect on price. An orchid sold in an upmarket florist in Beverly Hills will be priced higher than one in a local florist in a poorer area.

Orchid Prices

Orchid Prices

Here are some of the most common orchids which can be bought in florists, gardening centers, and online. They are generally very affordable for most people.

Phalaenopsis Orchid

The phalaenopsis or moth orchid is one of the most common types of orchids on the market. This species is very popular as they make attractive houseplants and have long-lasting flowers in various colors. They are also relatively easy to grow. If you’re looking to buy a phalaenopsis orchid, you’ll likely be able to pick up a plant in a four-inch pot for less than $50.

Cattleya Orchids

The Cattleya family is a group of orchids that have become very popular with homeowners in recent years due to their beautiful and robust nature. These orchids are generally hardy and can tolerate various climates. Cattleyas produce lovely large flowers in a large variety of colors. Flowers can bloom for six weeks.

Cattleyas are a reasonably affordable type of orchid and are usually sold for between $25 and $100, depending on the size of the plant and the species.

Miltonia Orchids

Another group of orchids that sell for a lower price is the Miltonia orchids. These are generally worth between $10 to $35 and are popular houseplants. They are easy to care for and very fast growing.

The Miltonia family comprises twelve species and is native to Brazil and other parts of South America. These plants produce beautiful large star shaped flowers that are long-lasting. The flowers have a fragrance that’s similar to roses.

Cycnodes Wine Delight Orchid

The cycnodes wine delight orchid is a hybrid variety that’s commonly sold in florists and online. It gets its name from the burgundy- or wine-colored flowers it produces. This plant can flower year-round and produces a lovely cherry smell. A small four-inch potted plant can be bought for approximately $33.

The Most expensive orchids

If you have a large bank balance and are looking to invest in a rare and expensive orchid, check out the two orchid varieties below.  They are among the most expensive plants out there:

Paphiopedilum rothschildianum Orchid

Most Expensive Orchids

This orchid is very rare and native to Kinabalu National Park in Malaysia. It’s very expensive as it’s a protected species that is rarely distributed. A single stem of this endangered orchard can be sold on the black market for $5000. This orchid goes by a variety of names, including the Gold of Kinabalu orchid or Rothschild’s slipper orchid.

The paphiopedilum rothschildianum orchid is stunning as it produces tall steams that have up to six large flowers on each. This orchid is very slow to mature and has a longer growing period. It also takes about fifteen years to bloom.

Shenzhen Nongke orchid

Shenzhen Nongke orchid

The most expensive orchid in the world was a rare example of the Shenzhen Nongke orchid, which was sold at auction in 2005 for a staggering $200,000!!

This orchid species is man-made and doesn’t grow anywhere naturally. Agricultural scientists and students created it at the Shenzhen Nongke University in China over a period of eight years. The cost reflects the plant’s rarity and the amount of work that went into growing it.

The plant is relatively slow-growing and will take four or five years to reach maturity and flower. The flowers are very elegant and quite delicate.


As you can see, the cost of orchids varies widely and is determined by how easy the species is to grow and the rarity of the orchid. Common orchids are reasonably cheap and can be picked up at most florists or gardening centers for between $10 and $35. Other orchids are very rare, and the most expensive in the world will set you back $200,000!

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