How many Tomatoes Does a Rodade Plant Produce

Rodade Tomatoes are versatile plants that grow in bushes that reach about 40 inches in height. Their superior resistance to pests and diseases means that, under ideal conditions, they can yield an attractive amount of fruits with little effort. No wonder they are one of the most popular commercial varieties of tomatoes. But how many tomatoes does a Rodade plant produce? Keep reading to find out.

What is a Rodade Plant?

How many Tomatoes Does a Rodade Plant Produce

Rodade tomatoes fall into the category of determinate variety. With this, gardeners indicate plants that grow to a fixed mature size and give fruits in as little as three weeks. They are also known as “bush tomatoes” because they tend not to extend in length but stay smaller.

A healthy and thriving Rodade plant can produce between 10 and 30 pounds of tomatoes. Depending on their size, this may result in between 20 and 90 fruits per plant. Of course, the ultimate yields you’ll get from your plant will have to do with the care and condition your Rodade is. The environment, level of care, and climate conditions will affect the yield you’ll get. The good news is that with Rodade plants, you’ll have it slightly easier to get plenty of fruits. Indeed, these plants are among the best plants for gardeners willing to get many tomatoes.

How many Tomatoes Does a Rodade Plant Produce: Growing Conditions

How many Tomatoes Does a Rodade Plant Produce

Rodade plants have high yields, especially for an open-pollinated variety. Under adequate conditions, they can give between 20 and 90 fruits. To get the most out of this variety, make sure you take proper care of your plant. Follow our tips to make sure you give them everything they need.


Rodade tomatoes can grow at various temperatures but do best in mild climates. For them to thrive, the temperature should not go below 50F. If you live in a cold region, make sure you protect your tomato plants from frost and waterlogged soil, especially during the flowering and fruit development stages.


How many Tomatoes Does a Rodade Plant Produce

Don’t forget to water your tomatoes frequently, especially during the warmer months. High humidity and moisture aid fruit development and make the plant stronger. Make sure you plant your Rodade tomatoes in well-drained sandy soil for best results.


Choose a spot that receives plenty of sunlight during the day. Tomatoes need at least six to eight hours of direct light to bear healthy fruits. Plus, ensure you provide them with enough space for growing. Spacing is crucial for Rodade plants. Allow for at least 16 inches between each plant to ensure enough air circulation and prevent the spread of diseases.


Furthermore, remember to fertilize your tomato plants. But don’t fall into the trap of overdoing it. Feed them regularly and pay attention to the nitrogen content of your mixture. Too much of it might cause the foliage to increase and reduce overall fruit yield.

How many Tomatoes Does a Rodade Plant Produce: Conclusion

If you live somewhere where temperatures tend to drop, you may want to consider growing your tomatoes in a greenhouse. Finally, don’t forget to prune your plant to ensure you grow healthy tomatoes.