How Many Tomatoes Does a Beefsteak plant produce

Beefsteak tomatoes plants produce juicy and thick fruits perfect for summer salads and sandwiches. Beefsteak plants make huge tomatoes (they can weigh more than one pound!) in little time. Indeed, you can expect to get fruits in around 85 days. But how many tomatoes does a beefsteak plant produce?

The average beefsteak tomato plant will yield 15 to 25 pounds of fruit. But did you know that even if most gardeners only make ten tomatoes per plant, it is possible to harvest much more? If you want to learn how to increase your tomato plants’ yield, you are in the right place.

Provide your Plants With All They Need To Thrive

How Many Tomatoes Does a Beefsteak plant produce

For starters, starting your plants indoors from seeds is a good idea for having enough time to prepare your garden bed and ensure you’ll provide your tomato plant with all it needs. The soil you plant your seedling must be well-drained and get plenty of sunlight. Also, try to select a spot with some shied from winds. To further increase the chances you’ll get more than 15 tomatoes per plant, ensure you add compost to the soil to help boost the levels of beneficial bacteria. Providing beefsteak tomato plants with well-drained, balanced soil and little exposure to wind will also reduce the probability of your tomatoes receiving attacks from pests or other diseases.

Beefsteak tomatoes can grow up to eight feet in height. To ensure they thrive in your garden, you must give them a twine or trellis for support. You may also want to consider getting a tomato cage.

Don’t forget to mulch the soil thoroughly for your tomato plants’ first year of life. The process can help you save time, water, and energy, as mulch can stabilize the conditions of the soil and reduce the stress on your plants.


Most gardeners are aware of the importance of trimming “suckers” from tomato plants. These branches that grow between fruit-bearing sections and the stem deprive the plant of the energy to produce more fruits. Thus, pinching them off can increase the yield. However, be careful not to introduce pathogens and bacteria with trimming. Use sterilized clippers and do it in the early morning to allow the daylight hours to heal and dry before nighttime. You can use “suckers” to grow a new crop.

Reduce Pests

Beefsteak tomato plants are prone to pests and diseases. However, keeping them healthy will reduce their appearance. Make sure you monitor your tomato plants and use organic mixtures if you see harmful insects. Alternatively, you can consider planting flower plants to attract the pest away from your tomato and create a “butterfly” garden. Tomatoes will also attract birds. If you harvest more than 25 pounds of fruits, you might have to protect your plants with bird netting.

How Many Tomatoes Does a Beefsteak plant produce: The Bottom Line

While an average beefsteak tomato plant will give you about 20 tomatoes, you can increase the yield by following the tips included in this essential guide. As soon as you find the right location and provide your tomatoes with consistent care, you’ll notice higher fruit production. It is possible to have your beefsteak tomato plants produce as much as 60 pounds of fruits. You’ll only have to provide them with the appropriate level of care.