How Many Sunpatiens per Pot: A Growers Guide

SunPatiens have strong roots, making for speedy growth and the ability to blossom faster than other flowers. They are all the rage for those in the landscaping and house staging businesses. They are also popular with homeowners who need an almost maintenance-free, foolproof flower for their beds.

However, if you do not have the space a flowerbed can afford, pots are the way to go, whether they hang, are situated in a window box, or are simply on the ground. Wherever you plant them, they will be sure to flourish. Let’s look at how many Sunpatiens per pot. 

How Big Should the Pots Be?

How Many Sunpatiens per Pot

To answer the question of how many per pot, it is necessary to consider the pot’s size first. The most important part to remember is to situate the container in an area with plenty of sunshine. These are SunPatiens, after all. Sunlight is critical to a low-maintenance flower like this, so please, have a heart.

Pot Sizes

It is best to use one 12-inch pot per plant. For containers larger than 12 inches, you can get between three to five Sunpatiens per pot. Remember to space them out just as you would with planting them in a flowerbed. Spacing sunpatiens two feet or further apart will make them grow shorter, so for fuller pots, keep them within one foot of each other.

How Often Should Potted Sunpatiens Be Watered?

How Many Sunpatiens per Pot

During the first few weeks, consistency is the key. Make sure the SunPatiens receive adequate water daily. For hanging pots and containers, it is advisable to water them twice a day. Also, ensure your containers have proper drainage holes. With proper drainage, the roots do not end up soaking in stagnant water

Do not panic if the flowers begin to wilt. SunPatiens bounce back quickly with a good amount of water. Watering in the early morning or later in the evening when the sun is not as powerful is also a way to prevent leaves from burning and as a means to conserve water.

What the Experts Say

As a hearty three-season plant, SunPaciens will flourish during the spring, summer, and fall. As they will not withstand a strong sudden frost, it is recommended to grow them outdoors in either pots or containers, making it easy to bring them inside for a touch of color during the colder, darker months. 

What’s more, during the winter, SunPatiens are dormant, so they only need to be watered once every two weeks.

In addition, SunPatiens come in two varieties. 

The first variety is Compact Sunpatiens, and as the name suggests, it is a more concentrated plant that will grow anywhere from 16 to 32 inches and spread from 14 to 24 inches. The Compact variety is suggested for pots and containers and is ideal for earthenware planters. 

Vigorous Sunpatiens grow at a faster rate, so they will shoot up to a foot higher than Compacts and spread six inches more. For a quicker spread over a large area, Vigorous variations should be planted in the ground.