How Long After Trugreen Can I Mow: All You Should Know

Everyone loves to keep a healthy lawn. Even if the process might be costly or time-consuming, the reward of having lush grass in front of your property is worth it. Trugreen has become a popular product in recent years. You may be wondering, ‘how long after Trugreen can I mow?’

After all, your yard is one of the first things people notice in your house. And having one with a stunning lawn can make a considerable difference in how your home looks in the eyes of your neighbors, friends, and family.

But to have the lawn of your dreams, you’ll have to spend some time taking care of it. To begin with, you must choose a variety suitable to your yard’s conditions and your local climate.

How Long After Trugreen Can I Mow

Then, you must commit to regular watering and mowing to ensure your grass grows healthy and green. Consider fertilizing your lawn regularly to give it all the nutrients to thrive. Also, pay attention to the foot traffic: most species can handle only a certain amount.

But should you mow your lawn after a treatment? If you ever wondered: “How Long After Trugreen Can I Mow?” you are in the right place.

After all, you (for sure) don’t want to waste the effort (and money) spent on taking care of your lawn by mowing it and reducing the effect of the treatment.

But don’t worry: we got your back. Here, you will find everything you need to learn about mowing (and taking care of your lawn) after applying a treatment.

How Long After Trugreen Can I Mow: Our Tips

How Long After Trugreen Can I Mow

Let’s go straight to the answer to the core question: you should wait at least 24 to 48 hours after applying treatment to your lawn. If you mow right before or after the process, you might not get what you expect from it.

Cutting your grass before applying a weed control treatment (or any liquid product) is counterproductive: it doesn’t allow enough leaf area to absorb the chemicals you are introducing to your lawn.

Plus, wait about 48 hours post-treatment because it usually takes around that time for products to get into the vascular system of your lawn. If you don’t wait enough time, you might not allow the treatment to get inside your grass, making it valueless.

Of course, mowing is a crucial step in maintaining your lawn. After all, it contributes to improving its appearance, choking out weeds, and making it grow thicker. But learn how to do it to get the best advantage from it.

If you use TruGreen, you should wait for the application to dry before enjoying your lawn. Don’t forget that the length of such a period depends on external temperatures, humidity, wind, and weather conditions, which might increase the amount of time you have to wait before letting your kids and pets run around your garden.

You will probably see results in a couple of weeks. But take into account that the conditions of your lawn affect how much the treatment takes to kick in. Don’t forget that typically, you should only apply the products every 4 to six weeks (avoid overdoing it: it might cause you trouble!).

But what about fertilizer? If you are using a granular product, you shouldn’t have any issues mowing your lawn right after, as fertilization should get into the ground, not the grass. However, you will get better results by fertilizing after cutting your grass. Doing so will give the product more space to find its way to the ground.

Don’t forget to make sure your mower is ready to use: the blades must be sharp, and the tiers should be in good shape.

Plus, check the oil level to prevent getting headaches during the process. Also, remember to cut your lawn about 3 inches tall. Avoid removing more than one-third of your grass at once: it might cause unnecessary stress that will affect its growth.

How Long After Trugreen Can I Mow: The Bottom Line

Taking care of your lawn can be a challenging task. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to achieve perfect-looking grass! With the proper effort (and following our recommendations), you won’t struggle to grow a healthy lawn.

We are not saying that it won’t cost you time (and money), only that you can optimize the process by knowing how to do it right. And if you decide to apply a TruGreen treatment, you should know how long to wait before going back to your routine!

Wait at least two days before mowing and water your lawn with about one inch of water within 48 hours after the application to deliver the nutrients to the roots of your grass, which will help achieve optimal results with your treatment.

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