How Fast do Lilly Pillies Grow?

Lilly Pilly is a popular evergreen hedge plant that many homeowners and gardeners like to plant. Indeed, it is relatively easy and fast to grow and can be a stunning splash of color to almost any garden.

What are Lilly Pillies?

How Fast do Lilly Pillies grow

Lilli Pilies are versatile and adapt to various weather and soil conditions. Such characteristics make them ideal hedge plants but also eye-catching ornamental decorations. Lilli Pilly tends to grow in a large tree in its natural habitat. However, you can shape it to your likings by regularly pruning it.

How fast do Lilly Pillies grow?

To put it simply, this fast-growing plant can grow up to 6 feet in width per year. However, if you are trying to grow this hedge plant in a particular shape, you should avoid letting it grow at this rate. Instead, with regular pruning, you’ll reach the foliage density you may require for privacy in your yard. Not only that, but your plant will look healthier and bushier.

Of course, the growth rate varies depending on the species you decide to plant in your garden and the conditions of your garden’s soil, the amount of sunlight, watering, and overall care you’ll provide. The Syzygium (or Acmena) variety is the fastest: it can reach 25 feet in height when not pruned. If you hurry to create a hedge barrier, this variety will be your best option.

The best time to plant lilly pillies is late winter or very early spring.

Ideal Growing Conditions for Healthy Lilly Pillies

How Fast do Lilly Pillies grow

To increase and optimize the speed of growth of your plants, you’ll have to provide them with what they need. For Lilly Pilly, you have it quite simple. These plants prefer moist soils but will thrive in drought conditions if necessary. Plus, while they like to be under direct light, they will also adapt to semi-shade. If you prefer growing your Lilly Pillies in a container, you’ll have to make sure you provide them with enough water. If you would like to plant them in your garden, remember they need plenty of space for their roots to spread.

One of the best things you can do to help them grow well is regularly mulching the soil. Not only will this process help retain moisture and nutrients, but it also serves to prevent the formation of weeds and shield from pests and diseases. Also, pruning your plants at least once per year will help you maintain a particular shape. Light pruning can encourage growth down to the grown and better flower display.

Because of the wide range of species, you may want to ensure the variety you select is suitable to your region’s climate. Despite the overall toughness, you will need to monitor your plant for pests and diseases. Pruning can help you limit the spread and keep the plant under control.


So, now that you know how fast Lilly Pillies grow, you should be ready to plant one in your garden. To make the most out of it, make sure you follow our recommendations and keep your Lilly Pilly healthy. The good news is that you won’t have to put too much effort into that! Just keep an eye open for pest attacks, and you will be able to enjoy this plant in all of its splendor.