How Big and Tall do Pepper Plants Grow?

Pepper plants come in various shapes and sizes, depending on their varieties. There are hot peppers, spicy peppers, and sweet peppers, and these all grow on plants that are of different sizes. As pepper plants come in so many different varieties, it can be hard to determine how large they will grow. Some plants get very tall, while others grow on bushier plants. You can also prune tall pepper plants to encourage fruit to grow and keep your plants manageable.

If you’ve recently planted a pepper plant and are wondering, ‘how big do pepper plants grow?’ read on. This article will tell you all about the different types and sizes of pepper plants.

How Tall do Pepper Plants Grow?

How tall do pepper plants get

Some pepper plants are very tiny, while others are giants in comparison. There are also many varieties of peppers that come somewhere in between. It’s a good idea to consider the mature height of a pepper plant before buying one or planting pepper seeds. You can choose a pepper plant species based on height, depending on whether you plan to grow it indoors on a windowsill or outside. It’s essential to know the plant’s size so that you can find a variety that will fit in your greenhouse.

Here’s a description of the different heights of pepper plants:

Tiny Indoor Pepper Plants

Many tiny pepper plants are available, including Calico, Ignite, Medusas, Sangria, Thai, and Samoa hot peppers. These varieties grow on small shrub-like plants, which are perfect for growing indoors. You can grow them on a sunny windowsill or in a greenhouse. They also thrive outdoors in many places. These plants grow to about 12 inches in height and, if well cared for, produce a large crop of peppers.

Small Pepper Plants

Most pepper plants are considered to be small and are between 12 and 14 inches in height. These include African Fish, Bahamian, Beaver Dam, Chenzo, Chinese Ornamental, Explosive Ember, Hawaiian, and Patagonia peppers. Small peppers can also be grown indoors on your windowsill.

Medium Pepper Plants

Medium pepper plants can be grown either inside or outside. Many people choose to grow them in pots on their decking or in raised beds in their yard. Medium pepper plants include Australian Lantern, Black Cayman, Bubba Jalapeno, and Capsicum Annuum. These varieties can grow up to 36 inches in height.

Tall Pepper Plants

You’ll need to grow tall pepper plants outdoors as they generally grow between 36 and 48 inches tall. You may also like to grow a tall pepper plant in your greenhouse, peppers love the warmth a greenhouse provides, and this can help them increase their fruit production. Some examples of tall peppers are Tabasco, Barbados, Bhut Jolokia Ghost, Costeno Amarillo, Del Diablo, Goat’s Weed, Jalapeno Goliath, Scotch Bonnet, and Thai Dragon. The Carolina Reaper Hot Pepper is another example of a very tall pepper plant. This is also the world’s hottest pepper!

Very Tall Pepper Plants

Very tall pepper plants can grow over 48 inches tall and need to be grown outdoors, as this is too tall for most people’s homes or greenhouses. Many gardeners find that tall pepper plants are too large to grow in their gardens. This is because they take up a lot of space, and you won’t be able to grow other vegetables too close to your pepper plant. Very tall varieties also take a lot longer to grow and produce fruit, so you’ll need to ensure you plant them at the beginning of the growing season so they have time to mature.

Some examples of very tall pepper varieties include Aji Brown, Chilcostle, Golden Greek, Merah, Hanoi Market, and Pumpkin hot peppers.


As you can see, there are many different pepper varieties. These are either true pepper plants or hybrid plants. Pepper plants grow to different heights and can be anywhere between 12 and 48 inches tall.

If you’ve never taken care of peppers before, you should know that they don’t like the cold.

Some peppers are tiny and make nice houseplants, while others are a lot taller. You can get a pepper plant in almost any color (for example, purple pepper plants are hot right now) It’s therefore essential to do your research and find a pepper plant that’s right for you, especially if you plan to grow your peppers inside. You can work out how much space a pepper plant will need by reading the information on the seed packet. This will help you determine whether you have enough space in your home or garden.