Fruit Trees That Grow in Virginia

Virginia is well known for its vast beauty and its excellent climate for growing several fruits. Over years the variety of fruits grown in Virginia has increased also due to extensive research on different species of fruit trees. Fruit trees that grow in Virginia are not only known for their taste but also ornamental beauty. The following is a list of fruit trees that grow in Virginia;

1. Crabapple

Fruit trees that grow in virginia

Crabapples are native to Asia, Europe, and North America. They are characterized by their small size with white or pink flowers. Also known as the wild apple, crabapples are best suited for growing in gardens. They can be grown as ornamental trees and produce fruit that is used for preserves, pies, and jellies. Crabapples ripen in early autumn.

2. Pawpaw

The pawpaw tree is native to the eastern half of North America and prefers mild climates like that of Virginia. The fruit has a tropical taste with creamy textures which are said to be similar to banana, mango, or pineapple. Pawpaw can be eaten fresh or used to make desserts, bread, ice cream, beverages, butter, jelly, and wine.

3. Peach

Fruit trees that grow in virginia

Peaches are best suited to warm climates and require 800 hours of winter chill. They are typically planted in early spring and can produce fruit in two years. Peach trees tend to sprout multiple trunks and produce fruit every other year.

4. Apple

Fruit trees that grow in virginia

Apples are the most cultivated fruit trees in the world and there are thousands of different varieties. They can be grown throughout the state and often provide really good harvests. There are several different types of apple trees to choose from, including:

April Bearing- These trees begin producing fruit in early spring. They are also known as summer apples, and their harvest time is typically in July.

Late Bearing- These trees usually produce fruit in August or September. Their harvest time is typically in October.

Winter Bearing- These trees produce fruit in early spring and are also known as spring-bearing apples. Their harvest time is typically in January or February.

5. Cherry

Cherry trees are a very popular fruit tree in the state of Virginia because they love the full sun and will produce abundantly. The sour cherry is especially known for its pie-making abilities and this is a great time of year to plant your cherry tree as they flower profusely in the spring. The sweet variety is also available and both are simple to grow. They are self-pollinators, so they do not require another tree for cross-pollination.

6. Plum

Fruit trees that grow in virginia

Plums are another fruit tree that loves the sun and will do well in Virginia. They will produce fruit within two years but usually take three or more years to begin producing. They are best for warmer climates and are known for bearing fruit at a young age. This fruit is sweeter when picked when it is green, so be sure to wait until the fruit is full size to harvest.

7. Pomegranate

The ancient Roman poet Virgil was said to have called the pomegranate, “the shining fruit.” Its reddish-orange color and the fact that it is filled with seeds make it appear like a sunset inside of a fruit. Pomegranate trees can withstand cold and hot climates, but they prefer mild climates like that of Virginia. They will produce fruit in two years or less and require very little care.

8. Persimmon

Fruit trees that grow in virginia

The persimmon tree is another fruit tree that prefers mild climates but can withstand colder temperatures. Persimmon trees will produce fruit in three years and typically bear fruit in their fourth year. They usually begin bearing fruit in late autumn and this fruit can be eaten fresh or dried.

9. Fig

Fruit trees that grow in virginia

Fig trees are one of few fruit trees that prefer full shade. This can be helpful when planting it in the hotter parts of Virginia. They are known for their high vitamin C content and they produce fruit within three years. Figs ripen in early autumn, but may not be ready to pick until the following year.

10. Pear

Fruit trees that grow in virginia

The most popular pear tree grown in Virginia is the Bartlett Pear. It is an excellent choice for home gardeners due to its ability to produce fruit in only two years after planting, the fact that it does not require a pollinator (although two trees are better than one), and its dwarf nature (10-15 feet tall and wide). Although this particular variety of pear trees is the most popular one grown in Virginia, other varieties that do well in Virginia include the Seckel, Kieffer, Eastern Bearer, and Magness.

Fruit trees that grow in Virginia: Conclusion

The climate and soil in Virginia support many types of fruit trees. With proper care, these trees can produce fruit for many years to come. However, it is important to note that in colder climates some types of fruit trees may take longer to bear fruit or they may be more susceptible to winter injury.