Fruit trees that grow in Michigan

Fruit trees are a great way to make your fruit, and they’re also an easy way to add some natural beauty to your garden. The sheer number of fruit trees that grow in Michigan is staggering. Trees that grow in Michigan can get quite large, but most of them don’t require a lot of space. Some fruit trees that grow in Michigan include:

Fruit trees that grow in Michigan: Apples

Fruit trees that grow in Michigan

One of the most popular fruits in Michigan is the apple tree. There are many different varieties, but one that stands out is the Honeycrisp and Honeygold. Another popular variety is the classic red Delicious apple.

Gala, Northern Spy, Braeburn, Granny Smith apples are also popular varieties to plant in Michigan.

Fruit trees that grow in Michigan: Pears

Fruit trees that grow in Michigan

Pears are a fruit tree that is very popular in Michigan. They grow well in both the southern and northern regions of the state. Their fruit even ripens at different times, making them an excellent choice for a backyard orchard.


Blackberries are a common and popular fruit tree that grows in Michigan. The blackberry is so popular that they’re grown commercially in the state. Blackberries grow on dwarf varieties, which is quite convenient because they don’t require much space to grow and can easily be picked by hand. They also have beautiful flowers, which often serve as an excellent pollinator for other fruit trees in your garden.


Fruit trees that grow in Michigan

Blueberries are a type of berry with a fruit used to make jams, jellies, and other products. They require acidic soil to grow, so it’s often best to plant them near your garden’s borders.They are also one of the easiest varieties to grow. With just a little care, you can expect your blueberry plants to produce lots of berries in only 3-4 years.

Pawpaw Tree

Fruit trees that grow in Michigan

The pawpaw tree is one of the best trees to grow in Michigan. Pawpaws are easy to harvest, and they have an interesting texture. The fruit can be eaten raw or cooked into pies or ice cream. It’s also a good plant for your yard because it requires little water and doesn’t require much fertilizer. They grow well in warm climates, but they don’t tolerate frost very well.

Pawpaws are great for people who want to eat an unusual tasting fruit or someone who wants to start their own farm business with pawpaw trees as their main product.

Sour Cherry

One of the best fruits to plant in Michigan is the sour cherry tree. Not only is it easily grown, but it also provides a delicious fruit with a tart taste and crunchy texture. If planted in the right location, this tree will provide an ever-flourishing landscape all year long. It can be planted on a slope or near water if you live in a drought-prone area. The sour cherry tree grows about six feet tall and can yield up to 15 pounds of fruit per year, depending on where it’s planted.

This fruit tree is also very attractive because of its long, bright red stems adorned with white flowers. It will provide a blushed hue to your yard all summer long.


The peach is one of the most popular fruit trees in Michigan. The tree itself can grow up to 30 feet tall and 3-4 feet wide, producing fruits up to 11 inches long. The peaches themselves are considered a good source of vitamin C, antioxidant phytonutrients, and dietary fiber. You’ll have to be careful with peaches as they don’t ripen off the tree; you’ll have to pick them off the tree when they’re perfect or freeze them.


Obviously, the fruit trees that grow in Michigan are going to be different than the fruit trees that grow in Florida.  We hope this list helps you get started.  Good luck!