Best fruit trees to grow in Florida?

What are the best fruit trees to grow in Florida? Florida is well-known for its distinct environment, which allows for the growth of a diverse range of fruit trees. There are tropical, subtropical, and temperate climates in Florida.

North Florida has cold evenings  (it’s still no Indiana), whereas South Florida experiences pleasant weather. Because of Florida’s peculiar environment, a broad range of fruit trees are cultivated. Some fruit trees thrive in North Florida, while others thrive in South Florida. We will discuss the list of fruit trees grown in Florida and the varieties of each fruit tree here.

Let’s take a closer look at the best fruit trees to cultivate in Florida.

1. Apples

best fruit trees to grow in florida

In North and Northern Central Florida, apple fruit trees thrive. Apple trees can yield fruit during the cool hours in this region. Dorsett Golden and Tropic Sweet are two apple tree kinds that flourish here. Apples ripen between the months of June and July.

2. Avocados

Avocado Tree

Avocados grow well in warm temperatures. Cold weather is not required for the growth of these trees. They are diametrically opposed to apple trees. In Florida, among the most common types include Ernicker and Brogdon. These trees may be found throughout central and southern Florida.

3. Bananas

best fruit trees to grow in florida

Banana plants flourish in warm weather. These gorgeous plants may be found in central and southern Florida. It is a year-round plant that drops to the ground in cold weather. When the temperature rises, it grows back. Dwarf Cavendish, Dwarf Orinoco, and Dwarf Red are popular types in the Florida region.

4. Citrus

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Citrus is a common fruit tree in Florida. Florida grows oranges, lemons, and grapefruits. Tangelos and key limes are also cultivated here. Citrus fruits are mostly grown in the North, South, and Central Florida areas. Key limes are mostly found in Southern Florida.

5. Figs


It needs full light to flourish. Fig trees are cultivated in Florida’s northern, southern, and central areas. Celeste and Brown Turkey are two popular fig tree kinds in Florida. Brown Turkey, another fig cultivar, is also found in Florida.

6. Red Guava

Strawberry Guava

It is one of the most common fruit trees in South and Central Florida. Pink and red guava are the most common types in Florida. Other popular white guava cultivars found here are Lotus, Supreme, and Webber.

7. Jackfruit

This fruit tree is common in South Florida. Fruit trees growing in South Florida include the Black Gold, Cheena Champa Gob, and Cochin kinds.

8. Loquats

Loquat trees may be cultivated in any section of the state. These trees can withstand the scorching heat of South Florida as well as the frigid weather of the north. Loquats are wonderful trees with beautiful foliage. Popular Loquat kinds offered here include Advanced, Champagne, Emanuel, and Golden Nugget.

9. Lychee

In Florida, this brilliant red fruit is less common. In Central and South Florida, lychee fruit plants thrive. Brewster and Mauritius are two prominent kinds growing in Central and South Florida.

10. Mangoes

best fruit trees to grow in florida

These mangoes thrive in central and southern Florida. Carrie Atkins, Dunkin, and Edward are popular mango varietals. Mangoes demand regular watering as well as plenty of sunlight.

11. Mulberries

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Mulberries grow successfully in practically every section of the state where the environment is hot and humid. In the far south, these fruit trees thrive. It can endure the harsh winter conditions in north Florida to a large extent.

12. Papaya

This fruit tree is easy to cultivate in Central and South Florida. Growing papaya fruit trees need a lot of water and sunlight. These trees may be found in Florida’s central and southern regions.

13. Peaches

best fruit trees to grow in florida

These fruit trees require a certain number of cool hours in order to bear fruit. It can be cultivated in the North Florida region since it requires fewer cool hours. Central Florida will have to be pickier when it comes to fruit plants. Major peach cultivars planted include Florida Glo and Florida Prince.

14. Persimmons

best fruit trees to grow in florida

This fruit tree is grown in all Florida regions such as Central, North, and south.

15. Tamarind

Tamarind fruit trees are widely found in the South Florida regions. It is a perfect Florida food forest as a shade tree.

Best fruit trees to grow in Florida: Conclusion

Florida is a great place for growing fruit in your yard. There’s a large selection of tropical fruit trees that will thrive in the warm and sunny climate such as banana, papaya and tamarind.

You can also grow mushrooms in Florida, as well as onions.  In fact, there isn’t much that won’t grow well in the sunshine state, except maybe raspberries.