Fruit Trees that Grow in Georgia

Georgia is one of the best places in the world where you can grow almost anything. However, some varieties need a lot of maintenance. Whereas, some others need smaller effort. It could be the type of soil, landscape, or climate that makes it favorable for the state of Georgia to produce premium fruits that are enjoyed by both the locals and buyers from other states. Here are some of the fruit trees that grow in Georgia.

Fruit Trees that Grow in Georgia: Peaches

Fruit Trees that Grow in Georgia

While peaches are not native to Georgia, they have adjusted to the weather and climate that are perfect for their growth. Peaches are exquisite fruits that are a favorite food for picnic blankets and dinner tables. During summer you can find fruit stands where fresh peaches are for sale. But if you live far away from Georgia, you can always order peach baskets from online stores and get them delivered right at your doorsteps.


Fruit Trees that Grow in Georgia

Just lie the peach trees, pears are another handy trees that have adjusted well to the soil and climate in Georgia. As such, pear trees can be grown successfully all over the state. Three types of pears are sold in the US market: Oriental, Asian, and European. But only the Oriental and Asian pears are grown in Georgia. Certain European types such as the Bartlett are prone to fire blight.

Fruit Trees that Grow in Georgia: Apples

Fruit Trees that Grow in Georgia

Because Georgia has mild summers and cold winters, apple trees are widely grown in this region. The subtropical climate in combination with the crisp cold air from the mountains, and continental weather from the east favor the growth of apple trees. Some of the varieties include Empire, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, and Ozark Gold.


Do Blueberries Have Seeds

While peaches are associated with the state of Georgia, blueberries provide three times more revenue. Also, blueberries are considered one of the most profitable fruit crops that are easy to grow and maintain. Besides, they are in great demand because of their health benefits. The Rabbiteye blueberry variant is widely grown in the south.


Watermelon Blossoms

Although watermelons don’t grow on trees, we feel that they are worth a mention as Georgia is the third watermelon-producing state in the US. Watermelons are cultivated in 25,000 acres of land and they generate about $100 million per year. The watermelons that come from Georgia are available between June and August. So, most of the watermelons that you buy are from this region.

Strawberry Guava

Strawberry Guava

The strawberry guava does well in South Georgia where the temperature during the winter is mild and hotter in summer. Guavas are pruned in different shapes that include bushy hedges or single leader trees depending on your choice. The strawberry guavas are red with a sweet creamy white pulp and a hint of strawberry flavor. These bushes or trees are grown all over Georgia and are the perfect choice for someone looking for an easy plant to grow that produces a tasty treat.


While pomegranates can grow anywhere in Georgia, they might not survive in areas with less than 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Pomegranates can perform well in almost every variety of soil conditions. Although pomegranates can grow into an upright tree, the common practice involves choosing 4 to 5 leaders and growing them into an open center shrub.

Fruit Trees that Grow in Georgia: Conclusion

As you can see there are many fruit trees that grow in Georgia.