Flowers that start with M

Flowers make a home more attractive and adorable. Having a wide range of flowers in a backyard garden or flower pots inside your house is fascinating and gives your home a beautiful appearance. When planning your flower yard, you may have different designs to choose from. One of the designs may be arranging the flowers to rhyme according to their names in alphabetical order. If you wish to have a flower farm with flowers that start with M, here is a list you can choose from.

Flowers that start with M

If you are planting a new garden, you can cluster flowers with a similar letter at the start of the name in one place. Arranging flowers in this design helps you have a wide collection of beautiful petals, both long and short petals, and versatile colors.

1. Marigold

Flowers that start with M

Marigold is a genus that belongs to the Asteraceae family and has almost 15 herbaceous species. They are native to central Europe and Asia, particularly the Mediterranean region.

Marigold usually grows from a basic seed to strong bloomy, glowing yellow or orange-toned flowers.

You can opt to plant them as combination flowers in your garden, inside a pot or border. They have fern-like feathery leaves that create strong colors and a strong scent that sends away pests. The flower symbolizes joy, grace, and happiness.

2. Mimosa

It is commonly found in subtropical and tropical regions around the world. It is a great genus with over 400 flower species and belongs to the Fabaceae family. Most of the mimosa flowers are shrubs and herbs, while others are trees and climbers.

The flowers are usually clustered on a single head, and every flower has long stamens forming fluffy sphere-like heads. They are clustered among the most beautiful flowers and have a sweet fragrance used mostly as ornamentals. Mimosa flowers symbolize sensitivity, tenderness, and sensibility.

3. Morning glory

Flowers that start with M

Morning glory is mainly found in subtropical and tropical America. It is a great genus in the Convolvulaceae family with over 500 species ranging from herbs, shrubs, trees, and climbers.

Its flowers are of different colors but very beautiful, funnel-like, and showy. Many gardeners highly treasure the flower because of its continuous flowering and fast growth rate characteristics.

Morning glory flowers attract pollinators like bees, hummingbirds, and other pollinating insects. It is commonly referred to as the flower of duality because it can either symbolize love or mortality.

4. Mullein


Also known as Verbascum, mullein is a genus with 100 plus species that produce beautiful flowers and belongs to the Scrophulariaceae family.

The plant is believed to have originated from Asia and Europe. Almost all the species of mullein will grow independently year after year without being replanted. When you plant it for the first time, it will always sprout out of the soil again as long as the environmental conditions are favorable.

The mullein flowers are saucer-shaped, yellow, and grow on a spear-like part of the plant. It has large, soft, hairy, and silver-like leaves. Mullein can flourish even on woodland, dry areas, and stony hills because of its ability to sustain hot sunlight.

The flower is a symbol of protection, courage, and good health.

5. Milkweed

Milkweed is a genus consisting of over 200 herbaceous and perennial species. The genus belongs to the Apocynaceae family originally found in America.

Its flowers are star-shaped, and they grow on the tall woody stems. Milkweeds are famous for the milk-like liquid within their leaves and flowers of sweet fragrance. Their adorable fragrance attracts bees, insects, and butterflies.

In most communities, these flowers symbolize dignity, freedom, and remembrance.

6. Flowers that start with M: Masterwort

Belonging to the Apiaceae family and native to Asia and Europe, Masterwort is a genus with close to 10 species. It produces compact clusters of star-like flowers that are beautifully shaped.

Each flower looks like a small umbel, and it contains several smaller flowers that are covered by petal bracts. In most cases, they bloom during summer and spring in pink, white, purple, and red colors. These bright colors attract butterflies and other insects. The flowers are a symbol of courage, strength, and protection.

Flowers that start with M: Conclusion

Many flowers that start with the letter M are attractive. If you are planning to add beauty and color to your flower garden, you can consider choosing one or more among the large variety of these flowers.