Flowers That Start With I

Flowers are beautiful in our gardens, and, on our tables, they make lovely centerpieces. While everyone has that one flower they cherish most, there are many flowers that you might have never heard of or seen. After all, the loveliness of flowers is not just in their grand nature but also in their variety. There are thousands of flowering plants out there that are equally beautiful. If you are a gardener looking to add wonderment to your flower bed, here are lovely flowers that start with I you can consider.

1. Ice plant (Delosperma cooperi)

Flowers That Start With I

Native to southern and eastern Africa, the ice plant is a genus of about 150 different succulents that bloom from late spring into fall. The plant is often three inches off the ground and may spread to two feet. It produces attractive foliage and glossy red-purple, daisy-like flowers.

Ice plant is easy to take care of and works well in small spaces, which makes it excellent for anyone looking for undemanding yet fulfilling flowering plants.

Notably, this ever-blooming evergreen plant doesn’t do well in moist environments.

2. Flowers That Start With I: Iris (Iris sp.)

Flowers That Start With I

Iris is named after a beautiful Greek goddess who personified the rainbow. The plant grows from a bulb or rhizome, depending on the species.

Talking about variety, the genus consists of about 300 species that produce beautifully shaped, multi-colored flowers. Their leaves tend to be sword-shaped, but some species have narrow, lance-shaped leaves.

Irises will truly brighten up any garden and provide a cheerful color mix. With their stunning flowers, Irises symbolize royalty, hope, wisdom, and refinement.

3. Iberis (Iberis Sempervirens)

Also known as Candytuft, Iberis is a very popular decorative annual flower used in landscaping and decorating. The plant is native to Asia and Europe and can tolerate full to partial shade and dry conditions. They can also do well in poor soils.

Iberis flowers come in a range of gorgeous colors, including purple, pink, and white, and all have a sweet fragrance.

The flower arrangement and widespread foliage make Iberis an attractive and charming plant. Before planting, keep in mind that single foliage can spread to three feet wide.

4. Inula (Inula helenium)

Flowers That Start With I

Also known as elecampane, Inu is a summer-flowering perennial that produces bright yellow flowers that look like immature sunflowers.

Many people plant Inula because of its medicinal and culinary applications. The plant is also used as a perfume in Japan and a preservative in China and Europe.

5. Impatiens (Impatiens Walleriana)

Impatiens flowers have multiple nicknames, including Busy Lizzie, Touch-me-not, and JewelWeed. Essentially, they are perennial plants that grow from one foot to around 3 feet.

Impatiens are native to Africa and have fleshy stems, long stalks, and glossy green leaves. Although impatiens can be difficult to raise from seeds, they require little care and can survive in varying conditions. Eventually, their oval floral heads bloom into different hues, including pink, red, white, and violet.

Impatiens are easy to grow and do well in pots, borders, hanging baskets, and window boxes, making them excellent for all gardeners

6. Indian Blanket (Gaillardia pulchella)

Indian Blanket is a colorful wildflower native to the United States. It is known for its bright petals and sweet fragrance that attracts birds, butterflies, and other beautiful insects.

From late spring through the first frosts of fall, Indian Blanket blooms into showy, daisy-like flowers with yellow-tipped red petals and brown centers. It will also happily reseed under ideal conditions.

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7. Ipomoea (Ipomoea Tricolor)

Commonly known as morning glory, Ipomoea is a genus consisting of over 500 species of shrubs, climbers, herbaceous plants, and trees. It is native tropical and subtropical America but presently cultivated and naturalized in many parts worldwide.

One fascinating thing about Ipomoea is that the flower color shifts from blue to red or deep crimson during blooming. Further, the flowers bloom in the morning and close in the afternoon – the reason why it is called the morning glory.

8. Italian aster (Aster amellus)

Flowers That Start With I

Italian aster is a flowering plant that grows in Italian meadows and flower beds. It has green leaves and produces many starry, lavender flowers with yellow centers.

Because it attracts birds and pollinators, the Italian aster is an excellent addition to butterfly or cottage gardens and prairies.

Flowers That Start With I: Conclusion

Whether you are establishing a new garden or looking for flowers to add to your flower bed, there are many flowers that start with I that you can consider. Hopefully, adding these flowers to your garden will make it attractive.