Flowers That Start With C

There are plenty of flowers that start with c. If you are curious to learn more about some of them, here you’ll find a compilation of the most common, together with basic information about each.

Calendula Officinalis

Calendula, which you may know as Marigold, is a species of annual or perennial plants. They can be yellow, orange, reddish, or even blue. Given the appropriate soil conditions and sun, these flowers are relatively easy to care for. Because of the plant’s properties, its flowers are common ingredients of ancient infusions, cosmetics, and food supplements. You can even use the petals fresh in salads or dried to add color to your food. If you are not sure you can take care of them, don’t worry: these flowers grow well in containers and gardens.

California Poppy

These vibrant orange flowers were a common ingredient in the recipes of indigenous people of the West Coast. Plus, they also used them as medicine and to make beauty products. The flower has four petals organized around a black dot. You may be surprised to know that California Poppy is native to California but is a weed in other areas. Indeed, it is super easy to grow and has an incredible resistance to drought. If you wish to plant this flower outside, consider deadheading to prevent its spread.


Flowers That Start With C

This list of flowers that start with c wouldn’t be complete without including chrysanthemums, also known as “mums.” You may be familiar with them, as they are popular products in garden centers and grocery stores as bouquet flowers. However, they are also stunning perennials: all you have to do is give them proper care. For unclear reasons, these colorful flowers carry deep symbolic values. In most countries, they symbolize death and grief.


Flowers That Start With C

This herbaceous perennial plant gives large and colorful blooms. You may know it as dianthus. You are probably familiar with it as it is one of the most popular cut flowers because of its sweet scent, appreciated by most. Also, they are a common choice for flower arrangements, either fresh or dried. While pink is the original color, you can find red, white, blue, yellow, or even green carnations. They do best when planted in gardens, as they need well-drained soil and plenty of nutrients.

Flowers That Start With C: Camellia

Camellia Japonica

With more than 100 species of this plant in the world, describing them can be challenging. This flowering shrub has been around for centuries. Because of their lush petals, it is common to mistake them for peonies. There are so many species that, for simplicity, these plants are usually distinguished into peony-shaped, formal flowers and flat-faced ones. Flowers can be white, red, pink, or a mix of two colors. Most people appreciate these attractive evergreens for their beauty and foliage.

Calla Lily

These easy-to-grow perennials add a classy look to any garden. The white version is a popular choice for bridal bouquets and centerpieces. Of course, you can find pink, yellow, orange, lavender, and rose calla lilies. Because of how the petals curl at the edges around the green stem, they often stand out among other flowers. Not for anything, they are a perfect choice for flowerbeds, cutting gardens, and even containers.

Flowers That Start With C: Campanula Latifolia

Also known as the bellflower, the campanula is a perennial flowering plant. A native of central Europe, it thrives in regions with cool nights and moderate temperatures. They are very cheery flowers that span in size and color. One of the distinctive characteristics of this plant is the open-cup-shaped flowers that span in size and color but are primarily lavender or light blue. This plant doesn’t require any particular expertise, as it is hardy and can stand extreme weather conditions. Deadheading is a common practice to promote more bloom.

Cardinal Flower

You can find this North American flower all around Michigan, Ontario, New England, Wisconsin, and Iowa, as well as in parts of Canada. Its upright cardinal red flowers are common in moist areas. Because of its tubular shape and attractive color, the plant’s flower is a favorite of hummingbirds.

Flowers That Start With C: Catchfly

This plant features sticky glandular hairs on the stem, leaves, and flower buds that give it its name. Native to Europe, these plants are popular garden plants that add vibrant colors ranging from white to blue or yellow. Another plus is that it is relatively simple to grow. As long as they receive regular watering and fertilizing, they won’t need additional help to grow.