Flowers Beginning With R

When you are choosing flowers to brighten up your home, or to plant in your garden, you may want some inspiration when it comes to the choices that are available to you. One unusual way to discover new flowers is to focus on the species of flower that begin with the same letter. With that in mind, here is a list of beautiful flowers beginning with R.

Flowers Beginning With R

Rainbow Cactus

flowers beginning with R

This is also sometimes referred to as the Arizona Rainbow Cactus and it produces flowers which are bright pink in color. They are a great choice for a houseplant and do not require a lot of looking after.


The Ranunculus flower may also be referred to as the Buttercup. As well as being yellow, flowers can also be red, orange or white. They are found in most continents around the world and are a good choice for a vase arrangement because they last a long time.

Red Campion

This flower may be red in color but it can also be white or pink. It is a wildflower which can be found in western Asia and Europe. They bloom in early summer and their blooming period is quite long. They are pollinated by bees but also by other small insects such as beetles and moths.

Rock Roses

These are flowers which are very easy to grow in your garden. They can be planted almost anywhere as their growth habits are very sturdy. They have large flowers which are bright pink in color.


flowers beginning with R

This is a small perennial herb which has been cultivated for over 3000 years. It grows as a small tree or shrub and can grow up to 3 metres in height. The flowers are the plant are small and yellow in color. It has been used just as widely as an ornamental flower as it has for medicinal uses.


flowers beginning with R

This is one of the most well-known flowers that people grow in their gardens. They bloom in spring but they tend to still have good color by the fall. They grow best in areas with high rainfall, so they will need to be watered often if you live in a drier area.


flowers beginning with R

This plant is sometimes called Rampion bellflower due to the shape of the flowers. They are annual plants and can grow to a height of anywhere between 2 and 40 inches. The flowers are bell shaped and purple or pink in color. Up to five flowers can grow on one stem.

flowers beginning with R: Rain Lily

flowers beginning with R

These flowers can also be called Zephyr Lilies or Fairy Lilies. They are small plants and the most they will grow to is 12 inches, although most will not be that tall. Flowers can be pink, yellow or white and they bloom from late spring to late summer. Each stem will have multiple flowers.

Red Valarian

flowers beginning with R

This is a wildflower which can often be seen growing by the side of roads and growing out of stone walls and rocks. It has a dense cluster of red flowers which not only look great but also attract a wide range of different insects. It is a popular garden plants because it flowers for long periods.

flowers beginning with R: Regal Geranium

flowers beginning with R

This is a indoor flowering plant which is also known as the Martha Washington Geranium. They can also be grown outside but should not be planted anywhere with direct sunlight. The color of the flowers vary and can be pink, red, lavender, white and purple.

Rocky Mountain Iris

flowers beginning with R

This is a perennial plant which blooms in May or June. It is a wildflower which can grow at high elevations but also at sea level. Flowers tend to be blue or purple, and they are a light shade with darker veining. It can grow as high as 3 feet.

flowers beginning with R: Rose Mallow

Despite the name, this plant actually belongs to the Hibiscus family. It is a tall perennial plant which grows with strong, upright stems. The flowers are large and can measure as much as 20cm across. The petals tend to be red, white or pink. They will grow best in an area of the garden which has direct sunlight and is protected from strong winds.

Flowers Beginning With R: Conclusion

There are many beautiful flowers beginning with the letter R. You can experiment by growing these flowers together in your flower beds.