Fiddle Leaf Fig Bush vs Tree

So you might be interested in the Fiddle Leaf Fig plant only to find that there are two varieties- the fiddle leaf fig bush and the fiddle leaf fig tree. What’s the difference between a fiddle leaf fig bush and a fiddle leaf fig tree? Let’s take a look at fiddle leaf fig bush vs tree.

How to Differentiate Between Fiddle Leaf Fig Bush and Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

fiddle leaf fig bush vs tree

Fiddle leaf fig bush and tree are more or less the same. They’re the same fiddle leaf species, and the only notable difference is the height and appearance.

Bushes are more compact and have several stems bunched together, while a tree will usually have a single ‘trunk’ and branching stems at the top.

It’s the same with the Fiddle Leaf- when several shorter stems are bunched together they’re usually called an FLF bush, while a specimen that stands alone and has its lower leaves removed is usually referred to as an FLF tree.

The shorter fiddle leaf bush will have several young stems while the FLF tree will consist of a single mature stem. It looks like a tree because the stem isn’t soft or tender and sports a brown, trunk-like appearance.

This also explains why fiddle leaf fig trees are more expensive than their bush counterparts. It takes years to grow a fiddle leaf to maturity, while a bush type can be the result of propagating a fiddle leaf plant. Other than that there aren’t any notable differences in foliage, growth habits and requirements.

How to Turn a Fiddle Leaf Fig Bush into a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

fiddle leaf fig bush vs tree

With the right care and patience you can transform your fiddle leaf fig bush into a magnificent tree.

Fiddle leaf plants are a bit difficult to grow and require constant attention. If you plan on bringing your FLF plant indoors then you must be prepared to pot it, put the right soil mix in and make sure that the conditions are conducive to its growth.

Figs love getting full, direct sunlight so it’s best to position your plant where it gets it all day. South-facing windows are the best but other windows in your area should be fine as long as it gets bright light consistently.

The plant is native to rainforests so you’ll need to match its humidity levels as well as you can. The minimum humidity for a fiddle leaf fig is at 65%, so if your room doesn’t meet that then you can get a small humidifier to solve this problem.

Watering can be tricky but the FLF can adapt to either constant watering at low amounts or a once-in-a–while watering at heavy times.

Plant owners can check the top soil for moisture- if the medium is damp then hold off on the watering for a day or two more. If it’s dry then you can give a good watering in the morning.

It’s worth noting that you can wipe the fiddle fig leaves to help it absorb more light and for proper photosynthesis.

You can encourage your FLF bush to grow by regularly pruning off dead leaves. As it goes up you can take the top off once it’s about to reach the ceiling in 10 inches.

Proper shaping should be done once the fiddle leaf fig bush has achieved the desired height. It’s worth noting that you should separate multiple plant stems and put them in their own containers from the start if you want to achieve a tree look. Otherwise you can leave them as is and grow your FLF as a bushy variety.

Trim the lower leaves and you’ll have revealed a thicker mature stem, which will serve as the trunk. You can also start pruning the top to make the plant branch out and form new stems.

Don’t take off too much at a time or the FLF will become stressed or unable to properly collect sunlight to grow.

You can also fertilize your fig tree regularly to encourage growth.

Are Fiddle Leaf Fig Bush and Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree the Same?

fiddle leaf fig bush vs tree

FLF bushes are the same as FLF trees, and the only difference is the number of stems in a container.

Also, the bush is a younger version while the tree sports a single mature ‘trunk’ or stem that has its lower leaves removed.

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