Do Trees Grow In The Winter Months?

The quality of soil, placement, and the time of planting is crucial when it comes to growing a tree. Do trees grow in the winter? Many people wonder whether or not trees grow in winter. However, it depends on the extent of climate in a definite area. Also, whether the tree is evergreen or deciduous plays a key role.

Do Trees Grow In The Winter?

Do Trees Grow In The Winter

As said, whether or not a tree will grow in the winter depends on how cool the atmosphere is and the type of tree. Deciduous trees tend to lose leaves during autumn. Hence, they can’t maintain the natural phenomenon called photosynthesis. And, this is why deciduous trees won’t grow in the winter.

Or, they might grow but not at a general pace. They tend to grow until the spring season arrives. On the other hand, evergreen trees tend to stop growing in extremely colder places such as the Arctic. That’s because the water present in the soil will freeze. And, if the trees want to perform photosynthesis, they will need water.

Moreover, there isn’t enough light near the poles during the winter months. So, they won’t grow when the temperature is too low. However, when it comes to the evergreen trees such as laurel and holly that grow in the temperate zone, they continue to grow even during the winter. But the growth will be slower. And, it depends on the availability of water and temperature.

Sometimes, it depends on the species of trees as well when it comes to growing during winter. In short, if you live in an area that has mild winter, almost every kind of tree will continue to grow. If it is cold, they will hibernate and wait for the spring to arrive. That way, they get rescued from a deep sleep.

How Do Trees Survive The Winter Season?

Do Trees Grow In The Winter

The tree’s bark is the first line of defense that acts against low a. The outer bark of the tree protects it from extreme temperatures, storms, insects, and diseases. Because they have lots of air spaces, it acts as insulation. It is like insulation in the walls of a house.

Besides, the leaves adapt to cold temperatures as well. When the temperature is extremely low, the roots can’t access water because the ground remains frozen. Therefore, to keep the leaves free from wasting water, deciduous trees tend to lose their leaves during autumn. But what about the evergreen or coniferous trees?

The leaves of coniferous trees are thin and long. It means, they have less surface area to lose water from the leaves. Moreover, the stomata are located deep within the needle. As such, it creates a pocket of air and results in less water loss.

Also, the leaves have a waxy, thick part called cuticles. The wax acts as a wrap and it keeps the leaves from drying out. That’s how trees survive during the winter months.

Do Trees Grow In The Winter?: Final thoughts

Despite these facts, you can still grow a plant in the winter without worries. However, you need to follow certain steps and safety measures so that the plants can survive the cold weather.