Do Fiddle Leaf Figs Like To Be Root Bound?

Fiddle Leaf Figs are perfect plants for an outdoor garden in a tropical or humid environment. However, many don’t know that these plants are ideal indoor plants and do well in containers.

Fiddle Leaf Figs are perfect statement pieces that offer your home a vibrant and stunning look without too much fuss. But do they like to be root bound? Let’s find out.

What Does Root Bound Mean?

Do Fiddle Leaf Figs Like To Be Root Bound?

Root bound describes root growth when a plant is in a container or small plot. This term means that the roots of a plant are tangled together in one mass that doesn’t allow for further growth. Being root-bound can keep Fiddle Leaf Figs from growing taller.

Fiddle Leaf Figs enjoy being root bound, making them ideal candidates for containers and indoor plants.

Signs Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Needs Repotting

Do Fiddle Leaf Figs Like To Be Root Bound?

Your Fiddle Leaf Fig may be ready for repotting if it has been a while since its last repotting. The roots on a Fiddle Leaf Fig grow quicker than many other plants and will take up all available space.

Repotting your Fiddle Leaf Fig will give your plant plenty of space to grow taller, bigger, and have a thicker trunk.

It Has Been Several Years Since the Last Repotting

If it has been more than two or three years since your Fiddle Leaf Fig’s last repotting, it may be time to repot it. Your Fiddle Leaf Fig will likely have root-bound roots, which they enjoy, but even root-bound plants need space after a while.

Roots Are Visible Through Drainage Holes

If you see your Fiddle Leaf Fig’s roots through the drainage holes in your pot, it may be time for repotting. There should be some amount of dirt, mulch, or fertilizer in the container to help your Fiddle Leaf Fig grow tall and healthy.

Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Easily Lifts Out of the Pot

If you can shimmy your Fiddle Leaf Fig out of its container easily, it’s time to repot into a wider container with some dirt.

Repotting a Fiddle Leaf Fig

There are some things you should take into consideration before you repot your Fiddle Leaf Fig, including the kind of soil. This plant is picky and particular, meaning it won’t like having its roots disturbed too much. As long as you are careful, repotting can be simple.

Keep in mind the following tips to make repotting easy and effective.

Choose a Wide Container

Choose a container that is slightly large than the current container your Fiddle Leaf Fig is in. This will help give the roots space to grow and allow the plant to get taller.

Ensure Drainage

Always make sure your new containers have drainage holes to allow water to exit the plant. This will prevent overwatering, which can lead to brown spots and yellowing and droopy leaves.

Use Plant Food

Sprinkle a small amount of long-term plant food across the topsoil to keep your plant healthy and strong. Follow the package instructions for refeeding.

Final Thoughts

Fiddle Leaf Figs are perfect companions for busy people who love plants. This plant is ideal for containers and sits well in a place with plenty of sunlight. These plants can grow quite tall with the right care.

Fiddle Leaf Figs are a stunning addition to any home and garden, and they enjoy being root bound. You just need to make sure that the container they are in is not too small and repot it if it is the case.