Deer Resistant Shade Plants Zone 8: The Ultimate Guide

All gardeners know the feeling of seeing their efforts reflected in a thriving garden. And there is nothing worse than seeing your hard work disappearing after one night of attacks from pests. If you live near a forest, you might be familiar with frequent visits from mammals and other small animals. In which case you may be searching for deer resistant shade plants for zone 8. Maybe you experienced that deer might be cute but have the power to destroy your yard in one single night if they are hungry enough.

So what can you do to prevent that from happening? The truth is that there are various measures you can take to avoid deer munching on your plants. You can install fences, have a dog guard your garden, or even get devices that emit noise that can scare away these mammals.

You can also buy repellents that mimic the urine of their predators, which will more likely make deer avoid your garden at all costs. But there is also something else you can do. While it is hard to define a plant as deer resistant (more deer will munch on anything they’ll find without other options available to them), you can add plants that deer prefer not to eat.

For instance, some varieties might produce a strong scent that’s not appealing to these mammals. Others might have a bitter taste deer would prefer not to experience if they could.

To learn which plants you can add to your garden to repel deer if you live in zone 8, you are in the right place. Keep reading our “deer resistant shade plants zone 8” essential guide to discovering what options you have to grow a healthy and stunning yard without worrying about frequent attacks from deer.

Deer resistant shade plants zone 8

Lily Of the Valley Bush

Deer Resistant Shade Plants Zone 8
If you are looking for a plant that thrives in the shade and doesn’t attract deer to your garden, consider getting the Lily of the Valley Bush. This evergreen has thick foliage that makes it perfect as a hedge or border, especially if you want to add more privacy to your property.

Plus, it is an attractive plant. It produces drooping clusters of pink, white, or rose flowers in the spring. Despite what you may be thinking, deer won’t munch on the bush’s leaves or its blooms. Plant it in moist and slightly acidic soil for best results. Also, pick a location that will accommodate its growth: this bush will grow up to 12 feet tall and eight wide at maturity.

Toad Lily

Deer Resistant Shade Plants Zone 8
Toad Lily is a delicate-looking plant that prefers shady conditions and produces small lavender blooms that will make your garden lively during the flowering season.

You can find varieties in different colors, from golden to cream. If you need a plant to brighten a shady corner, this is one of your best options. Plus, deer don’t like to eat them, which comes in handy if you live near a forest.


Deer Resistant Shade Plants Zone 8
Lungwort is an attractive deer-resistant variety that comes in different shapes and colors. You can find species with blue or pink flowers and variegated foliage. Pick the one that suits your preferences and taste the best.

One of the best things about this shade-loving plant is that it doesn’t require much attention from your side to grow. Only ensure you provide it with moist and well-draining soil, and you’ll have nothing to worry about. If you have limited space in your garden but need something to give some color to your shady areas, this plant will be your life savior.


Another way to brighten a shady corner of your garden is to add the feathery astilbe plant. This perennial is versatile and easy to grow. You can find varieties blooming in red, white, lavender, cream, or coral.

If you like ferns, you’ll fall in love with this plant. Besides the fern-like foliage, this plant produces attractive blooms that attract plenty of pollinators to your garden. Because of the hairy leaves, deer tend to avoid eating ferns and astilbe.  There are many astilbe companion plants to choose from as well, making it a beautiful and solid choice.

Jack in the Pulpit

Jack in the pulpit is a native wildflower that you’ll have no issues growing in zone 8. Even if it might take a few years to establish, you will be able to enjoy stunning colonies under optimal conditions.

You can distinguish the plant by the hooded green or purple flowers it produces. Deer don’t like to eat them because the plant secretes a toxic substance. Add it to rich and damp soil for best results.

Deer resistant shade plants zone 8: Conclusion

As you can see there are many beautiful deer resistant plants that can be grown in shaded spots in your yard. You’ll no longer have to worry about local deer having a much of your plants.

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