Colorful Plants in Florida: Plants That Grow Well in FL

Florida’s warm climate provides unique conditions that accommodate various colorful plants. There are many options to create a beautiful flower bed with gorgeous blooms, vibrant foliage, and interesting textures. 

When considering which plants to choose, it’s crucial to consider the area’s climate, soil type, and drainage requirements. By paying attention to the amount of sunlight and water each plant needs, gardeners can create an attractive landscape full of vibrant foliage and flowers. Let’s look at some flowers, plants, and shrubs that grow well in FL.

Colorful plants in Florida: Flowers

Colorful Plants in Florida

There are many varieties of flowers that provide a bright and cheerful display in the Florida sun. Marigolds, cosmos, zinnias, and petunias are all popular choices for brightly colored blooms that can last through summer. For those looking to add a unique touch to the garden, consider plants such as morning glory, passionflower, and hibiscus.


Colorful Plants in Florida

The Floribunda rose is a popular choice among experienced and novice gardeners alike. It produces clusters of colorful blooms in shades of pink, yellow, red, and white. Knock-out roses also grow well in FL. 


Oleander is another vibrant flower that thrives in Florida’s warm climate. This shrub produces colorful blossoms in shades of white, pink, peach, and salmon. 

Bird of paradise

For gardeners seeking a more exotic look, bird of paradise adds natural flair to the landscape with its bright orange and blue flowers. Bird of paradise plants need plenty of sun and regular watering to thrive.

Colorful plants in Florida: Foliage

When you want to add an extra pop of color to your garden, consider plants with vibrant and interesting foliage. Plants like caladiums, coleus, and sweet potato vine are great options for adding texture and eye-catching shades of deep purple, pink, orange, and red.

The variegated form of the Chinese fringe tree offers captivating color with its yellow and green foliage, while the Japanese privet displays striking foliage that transitions from yellow to green. 


Crotons are one of the most colorful foliage plants available and come in shades of green, yellow, orange, and even red. They require full sun to partial shade and regular watering to maintain their vibrant colors.

Maple trees

For a more subtle look, gardeners can opt for the red-leafed Japanese maple or the Black Dragon Japanese maple with its dark purple leaves and bright veins of red.

Colorful plants in Florida: Shrubs 

Here are some shrubs that you can add to your FL yard:

Dwarf palmetto

The dwarf palmetto is one of the most popular shrubs for its hardiness and colorful foliage. This shrub produces fan-like fronds of yellow, green, and brown with bright orange berries during certain times of the year.


Another popular choice is the azalea, which produces clusters of gorgeous pink, purple or white flowers in springtime. 


Bougainvillea are bright flowering plants known for their delicate clusters of colorful petals that come in shades of pink, red, orange, and yellow. Bougainvillea grows best in full sun and benefits from regular pruning to maintain its shape and health.


Lantana is a flowering shrub with blooms in various colors. They are easy to maintain and only require occasional pruning and moderate amounts of water.


Plants can offer a unique and beautiful addition to any yard. With careful consideration of their needs, these plants can add vibrant color and texture to your landscape for years to come. Experiment with different varieties and research the best care instructions for each one. With some dedication, you can create an outdoor paradise filled with colorful foliage and flowers that will bring your garden to life. 

By choosing colorful plants that are suited for Florida’s climate, gardeners can create a beautiful outdoor living space full of lush greenery and bright blooms. With the right care and maintenance, these plants can provide a vibrant addition to any yard or garden.