Flowers That Grow in Florida Year Round: 21 Varieties 

Florida is a beautiful, diverse state with many plants and flowers that grace its landscapes. This article will look at flowers that grow in Florida year round. 

Whether you’re looking to brighten your garden or add a bit of color to your front lawn, these flowers will bring beauty and joy all year. 

Flowers that grow in Florida year round

Here are some of the most popular picks for Florida flower lovers: 


Flowers That Grow in Florida Year-Round

Hibiscus have large, showy blooms that grow in many colors, from white and pink to yellow and red. They are tropical flowers that like to grow in Florida due to the heat. There are around 300 varieties of hibiscus, but the hibiscus rosa-sinensis is particularly popular in FL. 


Flowers That Grow in Florida Year-Round

The iconic symbol of love and romance, roses are sure to bring lush beauty to your yard.

Knock Out roses (Rosa ‘Knock Out’) are a particularly good choice for Florida. They are low-maintenance, disease-resistant shrubs that will bloom in shades of pink and red throughout the year. 

Bird of Paradise

The bright and bold blooms of the bird of paradise will give any landscape a tropical flair throughout the year.


From small and simple to large and vibrant, daisies are low-maintenance flowers that will last all year.

Gerbera Daisies (Gerbera jamesonii) are colorful, long-lasting flowers that will brighten up any landscape in FL. These daisy-like blooms come in shades of pink, yellow and orange and will continue to flower in Florida’s climate all year long.


Lantana (Lantana spp.) is a low-maintenance, drought-tolerant plant with bright, colorful blooms. This tropical perennial will add a splash of color to any garden and will continue to bloom even in the winter months.


From Asiatic lilies to Easter lilies, these fragrant and colorful blooms will brighten any garden all year long.


Sunflowers are a great pick for both the home gardener and the commercial farmer; sunflowers can be grown all year long in Florida.


These vibrant golden-orange petals make a cheerful addition to any garden and will bloom year-round in Florida’s climate.


Hydrangeas do well in clay soil…

Big, beautiful blooms make these shrubs popular picks for Florida gardens; they can be found in shades of white, blue, pink, and purple.


Colorful, easy-to-grow, and long-blooming zinnias are an excellent choice for any Florida flower bed.

Blanket flower

Blanket flower (Gaillardia spp.) is a native flower and a great pick for Florida gardens, as it can withstand both hot and cool temperatures. This low-maintenance flower blooms in shades of yellow, orange, pink and red and will continue to bloom throughout the year.

Blue daze

Blue daze (Evolvulus glomeratus) is an easy-to-grow, low-maintenance flowering plant with small, star-shaped blue blooms. It grows in a dense cluster of foliage and is part of the morning glory family. 


Bougainvillea (Bougainvillea spp.) is a popular choice for Florida, as it can tolerate heat and humidity. This evergreen flowering shrub can grow against a fence or trellis as it has a climbing growth habit. The blooms are white, pink, purple, and red. This plant likes hot weather and does well in USDA zones 9 to 11. 


Firespike (Odontonema cuspidatum) is a fast-growing, tall plant that can get as tall as three or four feet. It’s a low-maintenance plant with bright orange-red blooms. This tropical perennial will add a pop of color to your yard.


The ixora (Ixora spp.) is a tropical, evergreen flowering shrub with bright red or pink blooms. It grows well in Central and South Florida and will continue to produce blooms in the fall. In North Florida, the plant may die back during colder weather. 

Mexican heather

Mexican heather (Cuphea hyssopifolia) is a drought-tolerant, low-maintenance flowering shrub with small lavender or pink blooms. This vibrant plant will bring color and texture to any Florida yard.


Pentas (Pentas spp.) is an easy-to-grow, low-maintenance flowering plant that will bloom in shades of pink, purple, white, and red. The blooms are long-lasting and will add color to your yard or landscaping project. They do particularly well in south Florida. 


Petunias (Petunia spp.) are colorful flowers with petal-like blooms that come in an array of colors. 


Plumbago (Plumbago auriculata) is an evergreen, low-maintenance flowering shrub with blue or white blooms. 


Salvia (Salvia spp.) is a low-maintenance, easy-to-grow flowering plant with colorful blooms. These plants are available in many shades of purple, pink, and white. 


Vinca (Vinca spp.) is a low-maintenance, evergreen flowering plant with bright blue or purple blooms. This drought-tolerant perennial will bring color to any Florida garden and will continue to flower throughout the year.


Whether you’re looking to add some bright color to your landscape or just want something to enjoy throughout the year, these flowers will make a beautiful addition to any Florida garden. Planting these varieties will bring lasting beauty to your garden all year long.