Can You Wash an Electric Lawn Mower? Yes, Here’s How

If you own a lawnmower, you’ll likely want to keep it in good condition, as this will help to increase its lifespan. It’s a good idea to clean your lawnmower each time you cut your grass. Most homeowners clean their mower by removing any cut grass that left underneath. This can be a chore. There is a straightforward way to clean your electric lawn mower after use; by using a hosepipe to wash the mower.

We’ve all heard that water and electricity don’t mix, so is it really a good idea to wash an electric lawn mower? Read on to find out. This article will give you some tips about how to clean your lawnmower.


How to wash a lawnmower


You can hose off your electric lawn mower after use, but there are a few rules that you should follow. Always remember to turn the mower off at the power outlet and never spray water onto the engine. It’s not a good idea to use a pressure washer to clean your lawnmower as these are too powerful and will damage your mower.

It’s essential to clean your mower after every use, as this will stop it from going rusty. Ensure you leave your mower outside in the sunshine to dry off after you hose it down.

Lawnmowers are weatherproof, but it’s worth noting that they aren’t waterproof, therefore you’ll need to keep water away from the engine while hosing down the deck.

You may like to use a brush and soapy water to clean your lawnmower deck, as this will give you more control of where the waters going. Ensure that water is kept well away from the electrics as water and electricity not only don’t mix, but getting water on the electrical components can cause your mower to fail. This will be an expensive mistake as it will void the warranty. You should also avoid any cables, transmission, and belts as these parts can rust if they get wet and will eventually break.

Washability is definitely a plus for a gas mower when comparing electric and gas mowers.


How to clean your electric lawn mower without water

If you don’t want to use water to wash your electric lawnmower, you could leave it upside down in the sun for a couple of hours. You can then take a small brush and brush off any dried grass that’s stuck under the blade and around the deck. This is a more time-consuming method.

Removing dried grass from around the blades is very important; never put your lawnmower away with grass still attached. Grass that’s left to rot will create an acid that will damage your lawnmower. You can also use a leaf blower to blow the grass from your lawnmower if you have one.


Look out for a washout port

Most modern lawn mowers come with a washout port fitted, which can be used to clean the mower. Many lawn mower owners aren’t aware of this nifty feature.

All you need to do is remove your lawnmower’s grass bag and take it to a paved area. You can then lower the deck height and connect a hose to the washout port. Turn the hose on and start your mower, run the blade until the water runs clear.

This technique may leave a green mess on your patio, so you’ll need to hose it down before it dries. Then leave the lawnmower outside in the sun to dry.



As you can see, there are a few different ways to wash an electric lawn mower. It’s never a good idea to use a pressure washer as these forces water into the bearings and underseals, which then creates rust. It will also wash away vital grease on the axles and cause your mower to wear out prematurely.