Can You Plant Grass Seed After Applying Pre-Emergent?

When you don’t want to see weeds on your lawn, you may think about applying a pre-emergent. Your lawn must be healthy and in good shape.

There could be tons of things on your mind when it comes to planting grass or taking care of your lawn.

Can you plant grass seed after applying pre-emergent? Let’s find out today.

What Is A Pre-Emergent?

can you plant grass seed after applying pre emergent

A pre-emergent is an herbicide that would stop the weeds from sprouting on your lawn. But, it can block the germination of other seeds, too, especially if you get a generic one for your lawn.

For planting the grass seeds, it’s vital to know the basics and understand a pre-emergent to keep your lawn healthy and free from weeds.

There are different types of pre-emergent products available, but you can expect the treatment to last for up to five months.

When And Why to Apply Pre-Emergent to Your Lawn

can you plant grass seed after applying pre emergent

Applying pre-emergent to your lawn helps in blocking the germination of weeds, which is why you consider using it in the first place.

However, you must know the best time to use a pre-emergent and the correct ratios. Also, each product is different, so knowing the ingredients would help you understand more about the waiting time for applying the seeds after applying a pre-emergent.

According to bob vila, applying pre-emergent too early means that some of the good seeds won’t sprout, and applying too late is equally of no good. So, understanding the right time can make all the difference. So, the best time for using this particular herbicide is in early spring and fall.

A post-emergent can help get rid of some of the visible weeds on the lawn.

Planting Grass Seed after Applying Pre-Emergent

can you plant grass seed after applying pre emergent

When you apply a pre-emergent, it can keep all seeds from germinating.

If you reseed the lawn too soon after applying a pre-emergent, the grass seeds may not sprout. However, a pre-emergent will still be effective. So you have to wait, and the waiting period would depend on what type of pre-emergent you are using!

According to bob vila, you may want to wait a minimum of eight weeks for overseeding. When you can’t wait, you can skip applying pre-emergent in the fall, and it would be best to overseed the lawn at that time.

Loyalty Lawn Care suggests not to add pre-emergent to your lawn if you have recently seeded it! The seeds would still be germinating, and adding a pre-emergent won’t be ideal.

You can wait for four months to apply for a pre-emergent. You may also need to wait four months for overseeding the lawn. So, you need to see when the time is right! You need to keep track of all this information to see what works best for your lawn, especially if you aim for a healthy lawn.

When in doubt, it’s best to consult the professionals in your area. It’s always best to ask when you are unsure! The experts would let you know what’s better for your lawn depending on where you live and what kind of pre-emergent you plan to use for the lawn care.

Always read the instructions about a pre-emergent product that you will use for your lawn or garden. Doing so will give you an idea about the effectiveness of the product.

You will know when the product is effective! Thus, it will help you decide more on planting the grass seeds. It’s best to be aware of the timeline as it will help you grow a healthy lawn! Plus, it’s also great for keeping the unwanted weeds at bay.

Can you plant grass seed after applying pre emergent: Wrapping It Up

Planting grass seeds after applying a pre-emergent to your lawn requires waiting! If a pre-emergent is effective, the grass seeds will not germinate as a pre-emergent could be generic and thus, would block the germination of the seeds!

Therefore, you must be aware of the correct usage of a pre-emergent and make sure you are applying it when the time is right. Ask the experts in your area when you are unsure what to do! It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Do you know any tips and tricks regarding the grass seeds and applying a pre-emergent?

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