Can Donkey’s Kill Coyotes?

Donkeys are prey animals that can be hunted by large predators such as coyotes, wolves, and bears. Donkeys can kill coyotes by kicking them if they are defending themselves or their young. It has happened many times that a donkey has successfully killed a coyote or other predator by kicking them with their hind legs.

A coyote usually targets young or weakened donkeys that are unable to fend off an attack. If provoked either by another animal or a human, a donkey is likely to fight back. This article will answer the question, ‘will donkeys kill coyotes?’

Do donkeys kill coyotes?

Can Donkey's kill Coyotes

Donkeys will attack if they feel threatened, and it’s not uncommon for a donkey to kill a predator, such as a coyote. Donkeys will kick coyotes if they come too close, especially if they are near a young donkey. The mother will kick with her hind legs to protect her young. The kick can do significant damage to vital organs in the coyote’s body, even killing them sometimes.

The donkey’s hoof is made of extremely hard material, which acts almost like armor around the foot. Hooves protect donkey feet from low impact injuries, allowing them to remain sturdy and grounded when walking or running. It also gives the donkey a very effective weapon in self-defense. Though donkeys are normally passive animals, they have been known to fight back with ferocity against predators that try to injure them or their foals. One kick can kill a coyote if it hits in the right place.

Donkeys have had this ability for many generations. Their wild ancestors used kicking as a defense mechanism against wolves and bears. These two animals often preyed upon young donkeys and other hooved animals. Due to the donkey’s limited ability to change their habitat or migrating elsewhere, they became very capable of defending themselves against predators.

Donkeys are also not naturally inclined to run away when they see a predator. They will usually only defend their territory or young and fight back if necessary. If you own a donkey, it’s best to keep it fenced in securely at all times. Coyotes can jump fences reasonably easily, so an effective barrier for protection must be tall enough that the coyote cannot jump over. It will also need to be strong enough that a coyote cannot breakthrough.


Many people know donkeys as stubborn creatures, but they are also intelligent. They will stick up for themselves when necessary, defending their young with vigor. Killing a predator is better than being killed by one.

Coyotes are known for preying on young and weak animals, including baby goats, sheep, and donkeys. Donkeys, though easy prey against these predators, fight back if provoked. Since their ancestors were prey to much larger predators like wolves and bears, this defense mechanism has been passed down to them through generations.

A kick from a donkey can do major damage or even kills a coyote. This is why it’s recommended to keep any large hooved animal-like donkeys fenced in securely at all times.