Can Coyotes Climb Trees? (Yes Here are Their Limits)

Coyotes are pretty agile creatures, but they aren’t as nimble as other animals like monkeys, for example. Coyotes are wild dogs that don’t climb trees. Felines can easily climb trees since they can wrap their paws around the tree and use their claws to help them climb. Coyotes are capable of climbing trees, but they don’t very often.

The reason they climb trees is most likely because there is a source of food such as raccoon or possum babies in the tree. If they find an easy meal, they may try to reach it by jumping into the tree. Most coyotes don’t climb trees that often and don’t get far off the ground unless it’s an emergency situation where their lives are in danger.

Do coyotes climb trees?

Can Coyotes Climb Trees

Coyotes are unlike big cats such as leopards and cheetahs that will often climb trees to find a place to sleep or catch prey. As coyotes are wild dogs, they are members of the canine family. They don’t have very good climbing ability and generally don’t climb trees unless they have branches that are very low to the ground.

Coyotes also don’t have the correct type of legs and claws to climb trees. They can’t wrap their legs and paws around branches, and their claws aren’t able to dig into the tree bark to give them the grip they would need to climb a tree.

That being said, coyotes have been known to do it. They are relatively agile and can jump quite high, so they can climb a tree if the branches are low enough to the ground. Coyotes can be very nimble and dexterous when they want to be. If food is scarce and the coyote knows that there’s food in the tree, such as baby animals, climbing may be a way to get an easy meal.

There are some photos on the internet of coyotes up trees. In most cases, they have climbed the tree if it has low enough branches to jump on from the ground or if a large rock or fence is beside the tree, which is easy enough to get on.

Why do coyotes climb trees?

How High Can a Coyote Climb a Tree

Coyotes may leap into the branches of a tree while chasing small prey or if they want to get a good vantage point. Coyotes have excellent eyesight, and being up high gives them an advantage over their prey. By being up high, they’ll be able to see where the prey is in their hunting ground.


Coyotes are food motivated and may climb trees on rare occasions if there is a food shortage. It’s difficult for a coyote to climb a tree as they don’t have the right kind of legs, paws, or claws for climbing. Coyotes can jump quite high, and if it has low branches they may be able to climb one.  Or if they can jump off a taller object such as a rock, they may be able to climb a tree.