Best Fruit Trees for Colorado

Fruit trees are a great addition to your yard as they look attractive and provide an excellent source of fresh and affordable fruits. Different fruit trees require varying climatic conditions to thrive well.

Colorado’s high altitude and the state’s classification as a USDA Hardiness Zone 5 area make some people think that fruit trees don’t grow well. We’ve researched fruit tree species you can consider if you live in Colorado.

1. Apples

Best Fruit Trees for Colorado

The apple is an ideal fruit tree for Colorado as the climate is perfect for most apple varieties. Apples require a warm summer and an adequate cold period to grow and thrive. Colorado has cold springs making it suitable for growing apple trees. Apple trees thrive in yards and farms in the Rocky Mountains as some varieties can thrive in USDA climate zone 4 at 800 feet.

When growing apples in Colorado, experts advise that you choose the varieties that ripen in early October. Ripening in the early fall helps prevent fruit damage due to the early frost. Varieties such as Honeycrisp, Haralson, Fireside, Joyce, Lodi, Granny Smith, Golden, and Red Delicious are all appropriate.

2. Cherries

Best Fruit Trees for Colorado

Cherries can thrive under the Colorado climate and grow well on western and eastern slopes. For the fruit trees to thrive, choosing the appropriate varieties that can handle the climate is essential. Experts advise that Rainier, Queen Anne, and Bing cherries are the suitable options you can consider for Colorado.

When planting cherries, many orchard owners mix the trees with other types of fruit, such as apricots and peaches.

3. Peaches

Best Fruit Trees for Colorado

Most individuals grow peaches in Colorado as they are able to thrive. Despite doing well in the states, some individuals consider the peaches one of the less reliable fruit trees. This is due to the risk of flower damage because of late spring frost. However, you can grow and get the best results from most peaches varieties with proper care and maintenance.

Peaches do best when grown in full sunlight and well-drained soil. Lastly, Colorado State University reveals that the Haven, Elberta, Hale Haven, Polly, and Ranger are the best growing varieties in Colorado.

4. Fig Trees

Figs are one of the best fruit trees you can choose for Colorado as they are able to survive the climate. Fig trees are a pest-resistant option that can be grown outdoors or indoors.

5. Best Fruit Trees for Colorado: Plum Trees

Plums are delicious and nutritious fruits that are easy to grow in Colorado as they can withstand the unstable weather conditions in the state. Choose the Blue damson varieties, as they blossom early and offer an easy self-pollinating mechanism.

You may also like to consider the Mount Royal and Waneta plum species. When growing these trees, you’ll need to plant in well-drained soil and give it the proper care to achieve the best yields year after year.

7. Shrub Fruit Trees

Fruit that grows on small shrubs also do well in Colorado. Examples include currants, gooseberries, or blueberries. These plants should be grown in well-drained soil.

8. Apricots

Apricots offer the best alternative to trees like peaches. Experts recommend the fruit tree for Colorado because it flowers early. Due to early frost, the trees are less likely than peaches to suffer flower damage.

Best Fruit Trees for Colorado: Conclusion

Growing fruit trees in Colorado can be tricky, but the above trees will generally do well as long as they are provided with proper care and planting conditions.