The Best Fishing Game for Any Device (gameplay included)

Most fishing enthusiasts will agree with me that nothing beats the feeling of casting a rod just before sunset. Then there is that pleasurable moment when you make your first bit. Unfortunately, life’s demands may not allow you to go fishing all the time. Well, that doesn’t always mean it’s the end of a wonderful fishing experience- there are many fishing video games that you can play to get a nearly similar sensation, and they are available across different platforms.


Best Fishing Game for PC

If you are using a PC, you should check out the following fishing video games;

Fishing Planet

You can choose to play Fishing Planet as a single player or a multiplayer. Just like the name suggests, there are multiple locations you can do fishing as an angler. There are also 72 types of fish you can catch and 12 water conditions to choose from, for your fishing experience.

The game’s complex AI allows the fish to behave per the prevailing weather conditions.


Euro Fishing

Euro fishing also allows you to play either as a single-player or multiplayer. Before you start gaming, there is a comprehensive tutorial to help you experience all the basic techniques. The most exciting part about this game is that it takes you to all the famous lakes around the world.

Once you start playing, you get the feeling like you are doing fishing in real life. Whether you are an experienced angler or you are just beginning, there is so much to learn from this game. This is because it requires you to know the essential techniques, such as how the rod works in order to win the ultimate prize.


SEGA Bass Fishing

SEGA Bass fishing allows you to build your career from an amateur to a professional angler. This game provides you with up to 8 locations where you can go fishing with 14 different baits to choose from. As you grow your career, you also get to engage in professional tournaments.

For you to excel in this game, you must be conversant with what fishing entails in real life. If the weather is hot, for example, you should adjust your hook accordingly because you know that the fish will sink lower in the water.


Best Fishing Game for Console

Playing fishing games on a console is exciting, perhaps because you are more likely to make a catch faster as opposed to real fishing. Here are some of the best consoles fishing games;


Rapala Fishing: Pro Series

Before you begin playing this game, there is a tutorial to guide you. The gaming experience is on another level as you explore the magnificent countryside with an open-world theme.

When casting, there is a strength-accuracy button to assist you, although you can still make a catch without using it. Upon casting, the camera goes underwater, so you get to see the whole process. The game’s interactive features are sure to grab your undivided attention the entire time.


Fishing Master

This game has addictive gameplay that can keep you indoors for days. With a combination of easy controls and virtual reality, you get to experience fishing in different places across the world. One of the iconic places in this game is the area below the Golden Gate Bridge.

If you enjoy simplified games without extra disturbances of whistles or bells, this is the game for you.


Euro Fishing: Foundry Dock

Euro fishing has realistic graphics that make you feel like you are doing actual fishing. The game’s sceneries are amazing, and you can choose to go fishing in the countryside or the city. The gameplay is a bit challenging, which means you must understand the bait tactics to ace in this game.

The game is also exciting as you can catch anything – from catfish to carp, in different sizes.


Best Fishing Game for iPhone/IOS

If you are looking for an app that can offer you realistic digital fishing experiences using an iPhone or IOS, there are various options available for you. Some of these apps include;


Ace Fishing: Wild Catch

From the one-touch controls to the realistic 3D graphics, this game offers you a real fishing experience. However, catching a fish may be quite challenging, which is why you need to check the tutorial before you start playing.

You will fish in different places across the world, and there is a League Ranking to test your skills. To rise to the top, you should take advantage of the various customization options the app offers.


Let’s Fish

Let’s fish is a fishing simulator app that will keep you entertained all through. There are over 400 fish species to catch and more than 40 places across the world where you can go fishing.

This app also allows you to choose the tackles to use, and there is also the option of competing with friends.


Gone Fishing

With over 14 million downloads, this app is one of the most popular fishing games. The most exciting part about it is that there are tasks to complete, which means you have to be careful the way you throw your bait. This makes the game both realistic and challenging.

The app is connected to Facebook, and therefore you can post your game’s progress on your Facebook profile.


Best Android Fishing Games

Every year, there are new Android games in the market, and this is no different for fishing games. Some of them include;


Fishing Hook

Fishing hook is an exciting 3D fishing game that allows you to fish in many beautiful places around the world. However, you need to have good fishing skills as you will face all manner of difficulties, whether you are catching the small fish or the giant sharks.

You will also need to have basic fishing knowledge when choosing the bait, rods, and line to ensure the fishes you catch remain in the hook.



This is a one-time pay fishing game. You get to fish in four rivers and eight lakes, and you can catch up to 28 types of fish. To search for fishes, you can choose to use a boat or climb trees, and most fish will shoot out of the water when you hook them.


My Fishing World

This game’s beauty is on another level. There are realistic fishing locations, and you can choose whether to go fishing during the day or at night. The game’s UI is also simple so that anyone can play it.

As you play more games, you get to unlock more features, and you can even connect with other players as you fish.


The Bottom Line

You don’t have to worry if you cannot go to an actual river or lake to fish. With fishing video games, you get to enjoy an almost similar experience in the comfort of your house. And you can access these games on different digital platforms.