Are Geraniums Good for Hanging Baskets: Growing Tips

If you are interested in installing hanging baskets in your home, you may wonder, are geraniums good for hanging baskets? Geraniums are a classic flower for this purpose.

While many flowers look attractive in baskets, not every flower species works well for hanging basket containers. Fortunately, geraniums are an excellent option.

Read on to learn more about why geraniums are great for growing in hanging baskets.

Why Are Geraniums Good for Hanging Baskets? 

Are Geraniums Good for Hanging Baskets

Geraniums look extremely attractive when planted in hanging baskets. The multicolored flowers will shine by your porch or window, and the long trailing vines cascading out of the basket will frame your space beautifully. For the optimal vine effect, be sure to get ivy geraniums, known for their impressively long and lush vines. 

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, geraniums have several logistical advantages. Firstly, geraniums can produce blooms throughout the year, so you never have to worry about switching them out for another flower as the seasons change. 

As long as geraniums have enough sun and water, as well as a quality fertilizer, they should be able to grow. You can even set up a hanging basket of geraniums indoors if they are near a window that gets a lot of sunlight. 

Furthermore, geraniums are perennials, meaning they will bloom for multiple years. This feature makes geraniums a fantastic investment if you don’t want to buy new plants for your home constantly. All you need to do is bring your geraniums inside for the winter, and they will stay nice and healthy until it’s time to take them back outside in the spring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Geraniums Good for Hanging Baskets

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about growing geraniums.

Which geraniums are best?

Any kind of geranium will look attractive in a hanging display, but the best geraniums are ivy geraniums. Not only do ivy geraniums have gorgeous green vines, but the flowers grow off the vines, creating the appearance of a flowering waterfall. 

How many geraniums do I need for a hanging basket?

Geraniums are hardy plants that will thrive in most conditions, so you will only need about five geranium plants to fill a typical 12-inch hanging basket. Any more than five geraniums and the pot may become overcrowded, which is detrimental to the geraniums’ health. 

How do you care for a hanging basket of geranium?

Taking care of a geranium is simple. An ivy geranium prefers full sunlight, so position the hanging basket in an area that gets light throughout the day. For the soil, combine perlite with regular potting soil to create a light and porous mixture. You should water your geraniums whenever the first two inches of the soil start to feel dry.

Final Thoughts

Geraniums are an easy plant to grow in a hanging basket and the results are breathtaking. With the proper care routine, you can enhance your space with colorful blooms and enchanting vines.