Aralia Fabian: What It Is, and How to Care for It

Aralia Fabian is a lovely tropical house plant that is native to India, South America, and the Polynesian islands. The plant is grown indoors by many people globally and can also thrive outdoor if you live in a warm enough climate.

The Aralia Fabian is a shrub-like plant with green leaves that have a purplish underside. This sun-loving plant should be kept in bright indirect light and watered regularly. It grows pretty tall and has a woody trunk which is unique and eye-catching.

It belongs to the Araliaceae family and goes by various different nicknames, including the Polyscias Fabian, Aralia Fabian stump, Dinner Plate Aralia, or Ming Aralia. Let’s look at this plants features and how to care for it.


What is an Aralia Fabian Plant?

Aralia Fabian

Aralia Fabian is an attractive tropical plant with lovely green foliage and can grow up to four feet indoors. It’s a perennial plant that has a woody trunk and looks like a small tree or shrub.

These plants are generally long-living and make an attractive addition to any home or office. They have large round, glossy leaves which fit in with any type of décor. The leaves also have deep purple veins on the underside, which looks great and brings a hint of color into your home.

Aralia Fabian are considered flowering plants; however, it’s very hard to get this houseplant to flower. They usually only produce a flower if the conditions are right and when grown in the wild. These plants have a relatively strong aroma when not in flower.

These plants are toxic to humans and animals if digested. It’s best if you keep your plant away from children and pets, especially if they are prone to chewing on things.

How to care for an Aralia Fabian

Aralia Fabian Care

If you don’t provide the correct care for your Aralia Fabian plant, it’s likely to go dormant and stop growing. During dormancy, which is more common in the winter, these plants will start turning yellow and dropping their leaves.

Aralia Fabian are fairly sensitive plants that don’t like temperature changes and shouldn’t be overwatered. A change in the temperature or incorrect watering can cause your plant to become dormant.

Here are some tips and requirements that will help your Aralia Fabian plant thrive:

Sunlight and Temperature

The Aralia Fabian loves sunny locations and grows well on a windowsill that gets the sun for much of the day. These plants grow well if they are kept warm and get enough sun. You can also grow an Aralia Fabian in a greenhouse or sunroom.

It is very particular when it comes to temperature. It needs to be kept at seventy degrees Fahrenheit. If the plant gets too cold due to lower temperatures, your plant will begin to defoliate and may even die.


Aralia Fabian doesn’t require much water as they only have shallow roots, which are reasonably small. It’s best to water your plant with water that’s at room temperature, as cold water can shock the plant. Warm water will feel like a tropical shower.

Wait until the soil in your plant’s pot has begun to dry out before watering again. Be careful not to overwater your plant, as this can cause the plant to drop its leaves.


You can fertilize your plant up to once a month during the growing season between spring and fall. It’s not necessary to fertilize your plant in winter as it will stop growing and may even become dormant.

Use a general houseplant fertilizer and ensure you follow the instruction on the label. You’ll need to dilute the fertilizer before giving it to your plant.

Repotting Your Aralia Fabian Plant

Aralia Fabian needs to be repotted every now and again. The primary way to tell that it’s time to repot your plant is when you notice its roots start to rise from the soil. You can report your plant using well-drained soil into a larger pot. It’s best to report your plant in the spring.

This plant does best in a moist soil that’s able to drain and has a pH range of between 7.9 and 8.5. You can add a layer of gravel or stones to the bottom of the pot when repotting to help with drainage.

Aralia Fabian Pest Problems

Aralia Fabian Pest Problems

There are some pests that the Aralia Fabian is prone to, including spider mites, aphids, and scales. These insects will feed on your plant and are often hard to get rid of entirely, especially if your plant becomes infected.

Spider mites are tinny and have eight legs which is how they got their name. They live in the soil and feast on your plant during the night.

Aphids are slightly larger pear shapes insects that are green, red, or black. They usually live in clusters underneath the plant’s leaves. If you notice any insects on your plant, you can wipe them off with a damp cloth. You may also need to treat your plant with an insecticidal soap or readymade insect spray. You can also make your own spray using dish soap; this is particularly effective for killing aphids.


Aralia Fabian is an attractive house plant with a wooden trunk like a tree or shrub. It grows best in sunny climates as it’s a tropical plant that requires enough sun to thrive.

These plants can also be grown outdoor in the right climate. The Aralia Fabian has large round leaves and can flower in the right conditions. It needs the correct care and attention and shouldn’t be overwatered.

Aralia Fabian does best in well-drained soil; they should be repotted when their roots become visible above the soil. It’s also worth noting that this plant is toxic to humans and pets if digested so tell your kids not to put the leaves in their mouth and if you have a puppy that’s prone to chewing things, keep him away from it.